Building Man Cave - The Garage Band Wannabees

May 28, 2018

Building Man Cave - The Garage Band Wannabees

Have you ever dreamed of having a sanctuary where you and your budding band members can practice your music?

Without the judgmental glare of other people (especially other bands) practicing on the nearby band rehearsal studio every time your drummer misses or skips a beat?

Or your vocalist squeaking when he tries to reach a higher note? or

You, the guitarist, strummed the wrong chord sequence or misses the rhythm?

I know people may say that your band sucks, that you need to re-evaluate your life choices and to get a proper job, but that rock star in you always fan the flames of your passion (which is, unfortunately, rock music), driving you to insanity if you can't play your guitar and lash out a rock song every 5 minutes. You experience withdrawal symptoms like vomiting and seizures if somebody will try to stop you from doing your passion for at least a full day, and will sometimes salivate and your mouth froths like a rabid dog if you can't even touch your guitar.

Mate, it is confirmed, that you are the physical manifestation of the Viking god of rock, Van Halen, that can't unleash his powers of awesome guitar riffs and mind-bending guitar solos due to being contained in a mortal's body.

And you need practice on some secluded place to gradually regain your powers and once again show the world the true meaning of rock music.

And also, you are going crazy, definitely going crazy, so there's that.

Anyway, the point is, you and your band dudes are looking for a place to loiter, I mean to practice your band's out-of-tune yet straight-from-the-heart music (is that even rock dude? you're like a bunch of freaking parakeets trying to mimic each instrument to play Guns and Roses' Sweet Child of Mine)

But of course, practice will chisel out your band's rough edges right? But since you always get conscious about your performance when a lot of people is present, I think the best for you is your own private band rehearsal studio!

But wait! does it cost lots of money? Probably.

But the point here is that for you guys to avoid paying location and instrument rent of up to $100 per person, having a much cleaner and safer place to rehearse compared to that rock rehearsal studio in the edge of town who reeks of urine and sweat, plus littered with broken beer bottles and shady persons, and lastly, for you guys to play all out, building your confidence and skills at the same time. Please visit Man Cave Garage for more helpful tips.

We will be spending as less as possible by using the first step.

The Location

Let's start of first with your ideal location. Of course, the first thing that comes into one's mind is their own house right? Technically you're correct. You can either choose from a spare room, the garage, the attic, or the basement.

After picking your ideal location, you need to plan the layout of your band rehearsal studio and put it on paper, there are a few things that you need to ask yourself, like:

How much space is available?
Will all the necessary instruments fit on the planned room?
How much will I spend on everything, including the added electricity charge?
Will I have a simple practice space or a full recording studio?

    After finalizing your decision, you need to do some renovations of course. Let's say that you choose the garage since you just lose your car to a bet and now you have an empty garage (just like your heart). Start renovating by indentifying first what materials you need and calculating it's total cost. Afterwards do the following:

    Make a rough sketch and do the measurements, especially the floor area and the wall height.
      Acquire all the materials needed and ask your lazy band mates to help you, of course (lazy jerks).
        Start of first by totally tearing everything apart (before completion, there is chaos).
          Check the wirings within the walls if there are any defective ones, if there is, do basic electrical repairs (that goes to with the wirings inside the ceiling, just to make sure).
            Check the walls, if the wall is made out of concrete then no need to, if it is made out of wood, make sure that it is still stable and termite-free.
              Do a rough finishing on the walls and the ceiling and prepare it for primer application.
                Apply primer and let it dry, do at least 3 coats of primer for best results, let it dry overnight and proceed with the finish painting.
                  It depends on you on what paint color scheme you want for your project. Matte finish paint is the ideal choice for the finish.
                  After the walls are done, prepare the floor for the application of Garage Floor Epoxy paint and then apply it.
                    After the paint is done, congratulations! You have now a blank canvas of a room that is ready for the furniture.
                      Install the air conditioning unit (if the garage originally doesn't have one) or an intake and exhaust fan so that fresh air can circulate inside tour band rehearsal studio. (and for it to not smell like an unwashed armpit).
                      Finally, add soundproofing (this step is a must or else a police officer will become your biggest fan every time you guys have a rehearsal). More useful ideas at Man Cave Garage Ideas.

                        Hauling in the Furniture

                        Alright, now is the time when you need your friends the most: moving in the furniture inside your newly-painted garage.

                        Of course, you also need to plan on what things you need inside your band rehearsal studio, Which probably includes:

                        A couch or a "man cave theater seating" which can accommodate the five of you (typical for a basic rock band, but if you are a reggae band, add another couch.
                          A leather recliner exclusive only for you (and is off limits for other people, because it is the best seat in the house).
                            A refrigerator to store your beverages in case you guys need to crack open a cold one.
                              This is not a furniture but as you can see on the location chapter, we haven't yet included placing all the lighting equipments you need. Now is the best time to place them before everything else are hauled in.
                                A TV because in case of break time, you can just chill out and watch TV. Also a form of entertainment on those days that you guys have no rehearsal.
                                  Wi-Fi connectivity in case you need to post your failures, I mean achievements on social media
                                  A gaming console, so that aside from the Television you also have some video games to play with you band mates anytime you have no band session or the drummer is absent again.
                                    A drawer to keep some important stuff, like your picks, guitar gadgets, cords, and so on
                                      A dresser where you guys can keep your costume, that is if you are the type of band who loves those things like the band KISS or Guns and Roses.
                                        A few "man cave stools" that you guys can use every time your anorexic bass guitar player feels tired and wants to sit down.

                                          You also need to place your furniture on ideal locations so that it will be easier for you to navigate around the band rehearsal studio and your anorexic bass player won't get tired easily. Poor guy.

                                          The Instruments and Wire Management

                                          A band is not a band without their respective instruments right? So after placing all the furniture needed inside the room and making sure that you have a large space to set them up (and also letting the bass player rest for a while for he turned pale after 2 consecutive trips from the room carrying his stuff). Afterwards:

                                          Before anything else, it is important to place a carpet or rug on the location where you plan to place your instruments (al let's say, the stage) to provide traction and also to keep the drum set from moving forward during rehearsal (I have that experience that every time I step on the pedal, the drum tends to move forward for like a millimeter, by the way it was just a normal concrete floor and the drum set is not screwed or fastened to the floor, that's why it keeps on slipping).
                                            Place the amplifiers to your desired location and connect the wires, making sure that they are tucked in properly at the back of the amplifiers and is not all over the place.
                                              Set up the drums to it's ideal location. (remember to not place it against the wall or your drummer won't have enough space to move around and getting in and out of the drum set.
                                                Make a clear path where your wires will connect to the pedals just in front of you, and make sure that the cables are properly placed so that you won't trip on it.
                                                  Also make sure that the cables that connects to your lead, rhythm and bass guitars are properly and neatly placed on the floor to avoid accidents.
                                                    Place the microphone stands and microphones in their ideal location and hook them up to the amplifier.

                                                    Tune in your instruments, once done, try to play at least one song. If it goes successfully, then you guys are almost done!

                                                      Not that your instruments and furniture's are all inside your garage/band rehearsal studio, it's time to add some finishing touches to your very own and exclusive band rehearsal studio.

                                                      Decors and Finishing Touches

                                                      To make your very own home band rehearsal studio unique and to give your previous band rehearsal studio something to envy about

                                                      you need to add your very own personalized wall decors and lighting. You can:

                                                      Place some posters of your favorite band, favorite musicians or favorite band instrument brand, not just to add color to your plain looking soundproofed wall, but to add a little ambiance to the place, making the place feel like a professional rehearsal studio.
                                                        You can also create a wall rack where you can hang your cables and effects gadgets and turn it into an organizer. Aside from being an awesome DIY décor, it is also useful in case that you need to change cables and gadgets on the fly.
                                                          I know that the stereotypical band image is a rebellious teen that has the tendency to write graffiti's at pretty much anything. Please, don't be that guy. Respect your new sanctuary and maintain its professional looks by always cleaning it and placing air fresheners neat the air conditioning unit.

                                                            Remember that you and your band mate (except the bass player) worked hard to create this place.

                                                            Add some music magazine just to set up the mood and for your band rehearsal studio to look a bit sophisticated.
                                                              Place a couple of small trash cans around the area, one just beside the "man cave theater seating", another one on your precious leather recliner and lastly, one on one of the corners of the room near the stage.
                                                                If you have extra money or have a small unused spotlight, you can also install it on your studio to focus the light to the stage (specifically focus the light to the bass player, so that onlookers can easily tell if he doesn't feel well).

                                                                  So that's it, you have now a new private band rehearsal studio exclusively for your band's use only.

                                                                  As the owner of the studio and the house, it is your responsibility to check the cleanliness and the operational status of every instrument.

                                                                  Of course, give specific jobs and tasks to each of your band members so that they can do their part in maintaining the studio.

                                                                  By the way, if you ever wonder where to find a good-looking furniture, such as a man cave theater seating,  leather recliner, and a man cave stool, you can check out for recliners and seats that will suit any kind of band rehearsal studio them that you will think about.

                                                                  So, practice well, and who knows, you guys might be the next big rock band in the future! See also: Man Cave Layout.