Man Cave Furniture

May 11, 2018

Man Cave Furniture

If you are starting from the beginning and still figuring out what to put in your man cave, the first decision you should make is which part of your space is going to be the focal point. If the bar is going to be the main hang out area then choose your man cave bar first.

This will make choosing the rest of your man cave furniture easier because you will have decided on the style of your center piece. For more amazing product for man cave furniture you can visit some online stores like: 

Similarly, if you are planning on having your TV and seating as the focal point, then perhaps choose your man cave couch or chairs first. You need your furniture to match thematically with your center piece. If it does not then you will lose all continuity and your life will be over.


Comfortable Seating Makes Men Happy

When choosing your seating you must ensure the first criteria you challenge yourself with is that of comfort. It is essential to you and your friends’ happiness and their willingness to return. Whilst looks are incredibly important, comfort is even more important. 

Comfort can be assessed by sitting on said seating prior to buying. If the shop in question has no objections, try having a snooze in said seating too. Sleep-ability is another essential quality to consider.

However, if you do not have the option of trying any seating out before purchase (an online purchase for example) or you can visit here: Then read reviews and concentrate of the comfort factor first and foremost.

A chair’s ability to recline is very important. Almost as important is how close to the horizontal the reclamation goes. This determines its sleep-ability. So let us discuss man cave chairs.

Man cave chairs. To recline or not recline?

Man cave bar stools are no substitute for man cave chairs, let us be clear about that. So you want your friends to come around and watch the big game. Sure, they say. Yet when they get there they find that there is nowhere comfortable to sit down. There are no man cave chairs in sight. Oh dear. What you have done there is make the classic man cave error.

You have created a man cave that is devoid of comfy seating or is still in the construction phase prior to the delivery of said seating. You may as well go to the pub and watch the game on their big screen because your big screen has been rendered useless by every man on the planet.

Comfy Man Cave Furniture

So before you send out invites and start wanting to show off your new creation, ensure the seating has been dealt with. Seating is a crucial part of your man cave furniture choices. 

You want comfy man cave chairs that will satisfy all your visitors for the entirety of a five day test match (that is the English sport of cricket and yes, it goes on for five days).

The seating has to be in the line-of-sight of your fabulous full HD TV with nothing obscuring the view. Furthermore, you have to decide on whether you want all of your seats to recline, or only the man throne upon which you sit. Your budget or inclination may not want for reclamation (there is that word again), in which case perhaps puffs or ottomans are in order.


The Man Cave Couch

Much like your man cave chairs, your sofa(s) need to be comfortable otherwise you will not find your guests staying for the duration of the big game and will instead opt for going to the pub. 

A man cave couch (or sofa) is also important for the wife or girlfriend. When she comes and visits you in your man cave to watch space ships shooting torpedoes at other space ships, she will want to sit next to you without a built-into-the-armrest beer cooler or games console separating you.

Furthermore, this is the ideal time to cuddle up and make her feel special in your man space. This is vitally important. If your wife feels happy and comfortable in your man cave, your man cave will remain a friendly part of the household. If she sees it as a stinky, beer stained mess then your ability to utilize it properly will be deeply diminished. This is why choosing the perfect couch (or sofa) is of the utmost importance. For best guides and ideas please visit Man Cave Stuff.


Perfect Man Cave Bar

Is a man cave bar counter really considered man cave furniture? Yes, it is. You can sit on it, sleep on it and eat and drink beer from it. That makes it furniture. The bar within your man space should be one of the most important, and possibly most expensive pieces of furniture you buy. The man cave bar counter top is the best place for vertical beer drinking with your buddies.

OK, so not all man caves have or require a bar. It is perfectly acceptable to recline back in front of the TV and drink beer horizontally. When your buddies pay you a visit they can do the same. But for that extra pub-like experience without the pub-like regulations and drunken bar flies, a man cave bar is definitely worth considering.

It’s a Man Cave Bar Counter, Size is Not Important.

The bar does not have to be a big sprawling counter top able to fit hundreds of people calling your name frantically trying to get served. No, that is what pubs are for. Your bar can be small and compact, especially if space is a problem you have to deal with.

It isn’t the size that matters but how it looks and compliments the aesthetics of your man cave in general. On this occasion the saying “size does not matter” actually rings true.


How to Shop for Man Cave Decor When Designing Your Manly Space

Every man wants some lone time with buddies pursuing favorite hobbies and pastimes. A man cave at home offers a great alternative to night clubs and gaming parlors.

In fact, a 2013 survey reveals that more than half of American homes have a specifically-designed man space. Numbers from UK indicate that men spend an average of 7 hours and 36 minutes each week in their caves. Eight out of ten men believe that their relationships have improved after this lone time, and six out of ten women agree with them. 


Man caves allow you to have fun from the comfort and privacy of your home. Modern man cave decor goes beyond television sets and recliners. They are functional areas that are used to pursue hobbies and display unique collections. Men are coming up with creative ideas to furnish and decorate their personal spaces.

Man Cave Decor Criteria

The decor of a man cave will depend on many factors and the number of man cave ideas. Every design should, however, focus on some essential features.

  • Comfort

You will spend significant amount of time in your manly space. It is a place where you relax and rejuvenate after a tough day or week at work. Your guests also seek convenience.

Hence, it is important to choose a comfortable room and decorate it with items that accentuate the area without cluttering it.

  • Style

Your man cave is your private sanctuary. Hence, it should contain items that make you happy. The room should reflect your style.

Choose an appropriate theme and go for furniture and accessories that offer a glimpse of your personality and personal preferences.

  • Fun

Man caves are all about having fun. The decor should, therefore, include both functional items and display pieces that help you spend some quality time alone or with a bunch of buddies.

Everything from games and bars to home theater systems are appropriate for the area. It is your room, and it is important to do it your way.

Apart from space, money is often an important determining factor. However, if you have some extra dollars to splurge, you can create an exotic man cave for yourself, much to the envy of your friends and loved ones.

The Essential Man Cave Products

No upscale man space is complete without certain items.

A great entertainment or home theater system

Whether you love sports, movies, television series, or documentaries; watching it on a high-end television or home theater system will make a big difference. Good speakers will provide the right impact making the shows fun for others as well.

Go for cool products like 3D televisions, OLED screens, or LCDs with screen size of more than 85 inches for an unmatchable experience. You may also opt for hidden LCD screens that can roll out whenever you need them. See also: Lights Off Popcorns In.

Comfortable man cave furniture

If you hope to spend several hours in your man cave, choose comfortable chairs, sofas, recliners and other pieces of furniture. They should look attractive as well, and match the rest of the man cave decor in your house. Importantly, the furniture in your cave should reflect your personality.

You can place them in an organized manner or just leave them around and allow the guests to position them according to their comfort. For more amzing man cave product, just visit here:

Appropriate lighting sets the mood of any room. Choose fixtures that create the right atmosphere. Many light manufacturers offer custom pieces that can be designed as per your requirements. You contractor can guide you through the process.

Wall decor

The type of decor on the wall will essentially depend on the theme. Begin by choosing the right paint. You can, for example, paint the walls to match the colors of your favorite team.

You can also opt for your favorite shades. Decorate the walls with posters, paintings, and memorabilia that work with your theme.

Home Bar Ideas

No moment of reflection is complete without a good drink. A man cave bar can also add to the fun of your party. Go for shelving that displays all the options. Leave some place for the bartender to try some new tricks.
Granite counter tops, exquisite bar stools, beverage dispensers, and high quality mugs and flutes can further elevate the experience.

Add some action

Sitting and chatting in a bar for long hours is not a man’s thing. It is, therefore, important to add some action to your cave. Place a pool table or a few slot machines and convert your man cave into a gaming parlor or a casino.

For more amazing Man cave furniture just click here: You may have a spa or a swimming pool instead. Other options include basketball courts, tennis courts, gym equipment, and driving ranges. There are hundreds of options. Choose activities that you enjoy.

Video games

Video games are an essential part of most modern man spaces. Unless you are particular about not having them, go for a quality gaming console. Connect it to your entertainment center for full-blown fun. Maintain a collection of your favorite games.

Opt for simulators that allow you to enjoy games with your buddies all through the year. You can also go vintage and fill your space with old style arcade games with favorites like Defender, Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Check this one also:  Portal To the Gaming World 


Security systems

Place a separate security system in your man cave. This will prevent uninvited guests and trespassers from entering your sanctuary without your permission. 

You may also go for windows that change from clear to opaque with the press of a button.

Bathroom Decorations for Your Manly Theme

While the focus should remain on the main room, adding some novel features to the bathrooms and other parts of the space can make for interesting conversations as well. Some high-end brands offer toilets with special control panels that allow you to adjust the flow of the water and the temperature of the seat. You can also incorporate your man cave theme into the bathroom with a tool chest for a vanity.

If you do not have constraints on the budget, the sky is the limit. Use your creativity and imagination to come up with a dream room that you have always wanted.

You have a wide choice, and new man cave decor items are being introduced as we speak. Online catalogs offer some novel innovative ideas. You may seek professional help as well. However, remember to add your personal touch to the room and make it your own.

Choosing the perfect furniture for your man cave is the key to comfort, style, and even savings. Get creative and enjoy your man cave piece of furniture!