Man Cave - Where Basketball is The Game

June 01, 2018

Man Cave - Where Basketball is The Game

Man cave. Simple term right? But how do we perceive the word man cave? Why is it there? Why does it exist when man is free to do anything he wants without being judged by other people?

To put it simple, the term "man cave" is a metaphor that describes a room or a particular place in the house (commonly the basement, attic or garage) where men can do all the things they want as they please without fear of upsetting female sensibility (or sometimes logic, if that makes sense) and others who lives in the house. It is also the place where you can go back to your childhood and revel those childhood dreams and ambitions that you have dreamed of and now you have attained.

When a man decides what to be placed in his cave, it will always come down to what things he is usually passionate about during his leisure time. For the athletic guy like most of us, sports comes into the mind right away, and what particular sport you may ask? I should say it is basketball (well it depends on the region where you live, but I still prefer basketball so deal with it). See also: Sports Themed Man Cave


The Sacred Ground of Basketball

If you prefer watching sports event with your friends, then the social type man cave is the one for you (what I mean by that is that your man cave can accommodate all your friends to enjoy an afternoon of watching sports events live on TV or other activities).

This type of man cave is generally equipped with a large TV, a sports themed fridge (a simple sports team sticker will do, also optional), and a mini bar where you could sit down (if you so wish to sit on the "man cave stool" provided) to where you watch your favorite game and chill out, a "man cave recliner" (which is available here at ) just for you (the best seat in the house of course) and a "man cave theater seating" were you and your buds can sit and enjoy watching sports or just a simple drinking session.

Also, it is equipped with a personal computer or a gaming console which you can play the latest NBA game in case no live game is available.

Furniture such as stools and a small bar counter can also be present to store your group's favorite beer or hard liquor so you don't need to go back and forth from the kitchen to get your goodies.

While the other type of leisure room is dedicated to store a man's precious collection. This collection might contain an autographed shoes or apparel by the guy's favorite basketball player, a limited edition shirt which is released by his favorite basketball team and other basketball memorabilia which holds a great value to him.

Other people would put their achievements such as:

  • Trophies of basketball tournaments he won (this is common for basketball varsities)

  • Medals

  • Autographed selfie with a basketball star.

  • Videos and tapes of famous games that happened probably 30 years ago

  • Owner's diploma or any document of great value that was framed and turn into a priceless home decor.

    Usually these things are the owner's most valuable treasures and he will always brag it to his friends. 

    Considerations in Making an R&R Room

    If you are considering to make a R&R (Rest and Recreation room), you should need to consider the following.

    Don’t spend on anything that is more than what your budget can handle (memorabilia not included).
    • Location of the room - Location plays an important role on designing a leisure room. Your primary objective in choosing the ideal location is to not disturb other people in the house and to where you could place your treasures.

      This place will also serve as a time machine, reminding you of the times you got that certain achievement or be blissful for a certain experience.

      Also pick the perfect room on where your friends can easily access it from the outside of the house and not to go by the kitchen or living room just to enter it.

    • Theme - Providing the perfect atmosphere for your R&R room plays a critical part (I mean, that's the main reason you build it, right?). Make people feel that whenever they enter your man cave, they can sense the essence of basketball using all their 5 senses. (yep, literally)

    • Decoration - Of course, one defining thing of your theme is through the visual representations that adorns all the four corners (or more) of your den. (nobody will suspect you for a football fan if they see all the basketball items all over the place)

      Sports has been a common theme for man caves for the last hundreds of years (since the inception of a particular sport, there will always be that one hardcore sports fan that will decorate his room with all the things that is related to the sport). And since then, valuable items in basketball history are either stored in some secret place out there (definitely a man cave too) and others are fortunate enough in the hands of collectors which they put into an auction. Please, don't do sudden decisions in buying very expensive memorabilia and become bankrupt in a blink of an eye. Read more at Man Cave Items.


      Nothing shows your loyalty and passion for your favorite basketball team (or player) than showing the world that you got all their (or his) gear stashed in your den, framed and till in its pristine condition.

      So, having the most valuable and rarest items in basketball history will make you a fan? Not really, there are other things that you can display on your man cave that although inexpensive, it will really enhance the atmosphere due to its presence, Items such as:

      • Just a basic basketball team banner that costs no more than $20

      • Various basketball teams and player posters (autographed ones are much better)

      • A basketball, of course (preferably signed by a basketball player)

      • A basketball ring, because you already have a basketball, then why not a ring too?

      • Basketball player boobleheads (very cheap and good-looking decoration)

      • Basic wall clock with a basketball motif on it (elegant yet practical)

      Pretty much any trinkets available that has a basketball theme

          There are some fun things that you can but like a lampshade that is in the shape of a basketball too, which is pretty much available In every décor shops.

          Speaking of lighting, of course, you can decorate your den more with LED lights. Place LED lights on the back of the frame for an added ambient effect on your wall.

          You can also add them inside the shelves to create a dramatic background light that puts another level of beauty on anything you put there.

          Placing them on ceiling corners will also give your den that "aurora" effect which is very pleasing to the eyes, and you can set the LED lights color to the color of your team' jersey too.

          If you can't afford to buy LED lighting, you can just simply paint the walls with the color of your team, it is a much cheaper alternative (no electricity needed) and will surely set as the backbone of your den's theme.

          Furniture and Others

          Choosing a furniture is a bit overwhelming for others, ending up going for the aesthetic of it rather than the quality and comfort.

          Here are some few tips to follow in choosing your ideal furniture:

          If you are the kind of person who uses your place as a meeting spot by your friends every time there is a live basketball game, you need to consider the number of possible people that can go at a certain time.

            In choosing a couch, always add 1 to the expected maximum number of people that will always hang out on your den (so that means if you anticipate 10 people to come, make sure that your sofa can accommodate 11 or 12 people, just in case), or just have a couple of extra seats ready anytime.

            Avid Basketball fans tends to jump on from where they are sitting at, so always keep in mind the build quality and durability of your chosen couch, or "man cave theater seating" so that you don't need to worry about having it wrecked by your jumpy friends in their joy-induced rage.
              You want to have access to cold beer anytime right? Either you can have beer on ice ready inside your cooler or a small refrigeration at any time, i mean, no one likes to have a warm beer right?
                Another good addition is a coffee table just in front of the couch where you can place your food or beer and beer bottles and not to mindlessly place them on the side because you and your friend is too focused on the game (or too drunk to know what you are doing).
                  If you are fancy enough, you can add a miniature bartender's station (of course you will be the bartender) where you can create your favorite cocktails and serve it to your friends (like an typical Irish pub)
                    Noise is inevitable, and you don’t want to disturb other people in your house (especially if you have a baby), so placing soundproofing panels all around the room to help minimize the noise that can reach outside (or soundproof all the walls and ceiling too if you like).
                      Proper ventilation is needed so that air can circulate freely in and out of your man cave, avoiding carbon dioxide build-up inside your den that may harm you and your friends.
                        Television of course, choose the bigger high definition smart TV size to attain maximum enjoyment while watching live basketball games with your friends. (it doesn't need to be expensive, a good quality one that is bigger that 36 inch is already a good choice).
                          Using the same television, you can hook up any game console you like to play the latest NBA games with your friends or any games that you wish to play.
                            Aside from a gaming console hooked to your television, it is also good to have a computer around , I mean you built yourself a den right? so why don’t you place all things that you like in one location?
                              A stable internet connection that is connected to your computer, game console and smart TV.

                                You can live stream basketball games without relying to your cable provider (that is if your cable provider is not the same company who provides your internet connection).

                                This is also good way to watch and play games through your mobile phone via Wi-Fi.

                                Digital surround sound system is also needed (that is if you can afford one, or just use a basic 7.1 or 5.1 computer speakers instead) to feel more immersed to the game by having good quality audio.
                                  Aside from the ice-cold beer and liquor stocked in your mini-bar, it is also nice to have a place where you can keep snacks like chips and such.

                                    A cabinet built In your man cave is an efficient way of having food at an arm's reach all the time.

                                    It is also a good idea to place a few gym equipment on your man cave such as a few dumbbells so that you don't need to go out just to work out, you can also do it here. (and also it is a great place to keep gym equipment away from kids.


                                      Putting up a place where you and your friends share the same passion for the game of basketball and a sense of joy and camaraderie every time there is an exciting live game on TV.

                                      And the theme of your man caver reflects your devotion to the game and also the type of person you are. It is also a good place to hang out inside your home and to relieve stress and to clear your mind, and your wife will also be happy since you won't need to go out of your house just to crack open a cold one with the boys, for your buddies will be the one to go to your place and hang out with you.