Kids Cave - Man's Little Sanctuary

May 04, 2018

Kids Cave - Man's Little Sanctuary

As the boys entered their teens, they needed space for recreation, playing video games and hanging out with their father as well as their friends. So, with both parents’ permission (as you know your child best) they are looking for a little space at home to turn it into their manly cave.

It can be both your own room to settle with, your detached car garage or maybe your small lanai connected to his room and decides it was just your spot.

In the end, what is the most important is to create a fun space featuring his and your interests, whatever they may be.

Also it is a great way for a father and son bonding moment.        

Ideas On How to Design Your Own Man Cave


After a tiring day, it’s rewarding to go home and treating yourself in your man cave is a great way to restore your good mood; set aside the hardships you encounter within the day and spend time just being yourself.

Your man cave should offer all the amenities you require for enjoyment, comfort and relaxation. For more incredible helpful ideas visit Man Cave Ideas.

Here are some good ideas on how to design your own man cave to be your private space as well as for your manly teenager


The first thing to consider in designing your man cave is to know your theme. You don't want your own man cave to be full of clutter furniture and design, so consider a theme to tie everything together.

If you love sports, you can have made to order couches or overstuffed armchairs upholstered with football, baseball, horse racing or other sporting themes. See also: Sports Themed Man Cave

Do you want it close to nature?

Cover the walls with bamboo paneling; sink into a comfortable couch patterned with earth colors and hang pictures of the ocean or wild life sanctuary on your wall.

You may go for a pub look with a small bar tall pub stools and dartboard on the wall.

There are so many themes to choose from but consider choosing the one closes to your heart as your man cave embodies your personality.


Aside from electronics, this is the other things you want to splurge. Your man cave is for rejuvenation, so choose your furniture with comfort in mind.

A recliner is a great way to put your feet up and relax; and it’s even better if it's a massaging recliner with built-in heat. After all, aside from maybe your bed, your man cave seating is where you’ll be spending most of your time.

And even though it looks and sounds like you’re at the stadium, it doesn’t need to feel like you’re sitting on bleacher seats.

You also need a couch or extra chairs for friends to join you on movie night, and a table for poker or other card games.

For many choices of your table games, recliners and sofas visit  You can use built in cabinets for holding movies, video games or other items that normally tend to look cluttered and messy.

You can also ask for the seats with cooling features in the cup holders to make sure your beer or other beverages stays cold.


Without second thoughts the center of your man cave is the all-important viewing area, so this must be carefully and properly thought before purchasing and installing…

All nice man caves have the option of watching multiple games or movies at once...

You need to decide if you want to go with multiple TV’s or one large TV with tilting options. This decision will dictate the layout of your entertainment center.

It’s pointless to have the best TV set-up on your man cave, if you don’t have the best sound system to do it justice.

Whether you’re watching movies, cranking Pearl Jam, or watching a basketball playoff game, you want to make sure you are putting your friends in the theater, at the concert, or on the 50 yard line at Qualcomm.

Your man cave is the best spot for the biggest wall-mounted TV you can afford. You can install extra speakers around the room for a surround-sound effect, and dimmers on the lights so you can adjust them for movie watching.

If your man cave has a wide space, consider getting a billiards, football or ping-pong table for added entertainment and past time not only for you but also for your welcomed guest...

Maybe a dartboard on the wall is a great way to show off your aim. And lastly, of course, your favorite video game system and a large selection of up to date great games should be handy.


Your man cave isn't the spot for enhancement kind of decorating, but a few well-chosen accessories can make the room more nice and enjoyable.

A small refrigerator for holding drinks and snacks will come in handy on karaoke nights.

A thick area rug or throw rugs on the floor makes the room comfortable and muffles echoes or loud entertainment.

You can hang a few pictures that match your man cave theme, and proudly display your favorite precious collectibles on the shelf or table.

Assemble pieces of your Lego’s, sports collectibles, bowling or basketball trophies are all good choices.

While the decorations and colors of the rest of your house have to soothe many, this is your man cave and it should look like it and you should always be the one to decide the decoration.

You should pay attention to details when it comes to the finishing touches of your new man cave.

You can also get out the sports memorabilia that’s been packed away in boxes, dust off your old high school trophies and get your unforgettable movie posters or your favorite basketball jersey properly framed. You can add that to your wall decorations.

Also, a well thought out color scheme will give your space that manly touch. Might we suggest accenting with silver and powder blue?

If you have four flat screens and a wall-shaking sound system, not to mention DVR boxes, DVD players, and an Xbox is going to create a huge nest of wires. Consider custom, built-in cabinet try to hide and organize all those ugly wires while still giving you access for maintenance and easy clean up.


Let there Be Light

Not because you call it a man cave, does not mean its needs to feel dark atmosphere all the time.

In different occasions and activities it will be going to require different kinds of lighting.

Aside from your overhead lighting, consider also accent lighting in the form of floor lamps or wall mount lights... It’s also a good idea to keep your main lighting on dimmer switches to that you have ultimate control over your lighting and will be adjusted according to your mood. Or you can check out more at Man Cave Lighting Ideas to light your man cave the way you want it to be.



Choose Easy to Clean materials

Precisely there is going to be plenty of eating and drinking session in your man cave, so it’s important to think about your flooring material.

You want it to survive with your rowdy friends, but you also want it to be easy to clean up after...

Low-profile, high-strength plastic floor tiles look surprisingly like ceramic tile or solid wood, but they don’t warp or crack, they are stain resistant and water-proof, and they are incredibly easy to clean.

Keeping it Within your Theme

After you have finally decided for the theme that you will use for your man cave, first you must select the paint colors and treatments for the walls.

You can paint the walls in one or more of the classic colors like antique white, navy blue or fire engine red to lay a clean foundation for the room or any other ideas that it in line with your chosen theme.

You can create a contrasting focal point by mimicking the pattern of your decided theme.

Always paint a base coat of white.

Be sure to accurately measure all of your walls for the reason that this will be the basis of all materials sizes that you’re planning to install in your man cave.

Use painter's tape to mark off all your measurements so that it will be easily seen. Painter’s tape should be removed after painting, so that there will be no clutter. After your wall paintings are done, you can now put your chosen frames and other wall decors.

Always remember that sticking to your theme will be a large factor for your man caves overall look.

Turning your Room into a Man Cave

Transforming your room into a man cave, would literally be a working progress. Regardless of the room size, what’s important is the results of the transformation will delight you and your teenage man.

This man cave transformation will serve as your venue to get along with each other and to entertain friends or simply to relax, read or enjoy watching your favorite show on television or simply play video games.

In designing a man cave you can completely disregard the needs of others; it is a place for your and for him and those whom you allowed to enter.

The Den

Den is defined as a comfortable room in the house where a person can pursue an activity in private.

Privacy is priceless when you want to enjoy restful reading in your easy chair or need to work on your latest project at your desk.

A simply constructed dry bar with a small refrigerator provides you with cold water to drink or a frosty beverage which you can enjoy both.

Put a sound system to set the mood with your favorite choice of music. You can remove the closet door and install a bookcase to create your personal library.

Place a comfortable sofa across from the desk to seat your visitors for a quite bonding. A desk and floor lamp adequately provide a restful atmosphere.


It is common for a man to have different kinds of hobbies. It can be in sports or in arts.

Basically man has his favorite sport team. Mostly, he has more than one. You can hang team posters, photos and jerseys of your favorite players on the walls.

Display basketballs, footballs, ice skates and other memorabilia around the room and hang hockey sticks or baseball bats on the walls.

You can also attach a miniature basketball hoop on the wall with a good supply of small basketballs for those long shots from the couch.

You will also need your own recliner as well as a sofa for your welcomed guests.

You can visit for best choices of recliners, sofa bed ideal for your man cave.

A full stocked refrigerator with a big flat screen television installed on the wall provides offering and access to the big game.


When it comes to entertaining, you will need a lot of space to accommodate guests.

You can  free up space by removing the closet door to be  replace by your  refrigerator fitted with a kegerator; you can also kept  your frosty mugs on  top in the freezer.

Clear as much space as possible in the middle of   your room by placing the recliner and sofa against the walls.

The cleared open space in the middle will accommodate your preference for a foosball, pool or poker table.

A flat screen television, with game system installed on the wall frees up additional space. You should provide plenty of light by placing floor lamps in the corners of the room or by hanging simple lamp type chandelier.




Most men simply like having a quiet place where they can read a good novel while enjoying a cigar and their favorite beverage. You can place a portable air purifier in a corner to remove smoke from the room.

It is also nice to paint the walls and ceiling a restful, darker color and you can install curtains to keep out bright sunlight. Scatter throw rugs about the floor.

In addition to your recliner, a comfortable sofa is a must for those afternoon naps.

For elegant choice of beds, sofas and recliners you can visit to see many more choices that will suite your taste and add coziness in your man cave. 

Set up your full size refrigerator stocked with beverages and snacks within your convenient reach. You can also add a sound system that requires little space and provides you restful background music.