Men Go Pub

May 18, 2018

Men Go Pub

A pub man cave is a room, space, corner or area of a dwelling that is specifically reserved for a male person to be in a solitary condition, away from the rest of the household in order to work, play, involve himself in certain hobbies, activities without interruption.

This area is usually decorated by the male that uses it without interference from any female influence. A pub shed truly marks a gentleman’s dream come true. With this undeniable fact established, let’s embark on a journey towards the most satisfying DIY project imaginable.

By turning your backyard shed into a decked out bar, it is possible to suddenly unlock the hippest hangout in the neighborhood.

This type of interior overhaul will procure massive masculine appeal in a boldly unexpected venue.

Get a (games) room - Wouldn’t life with teenagers be a breeze if they had their own space? This loft conversion is a cross between the lounge bar in your local pub and the meeting room in a painfully hip ad agency. Metal pendants plus exposed brickwork and beams give the space a cool, industrial edge that your not-so-little darlings will (possibly) thank you for.

First and foremost, you will want to construct an ornate case to serve as your liquor cabinet. This should be easily accessible to whomever may be fulfilling the function of makeshift bartender.

Secondly, a handcrafted station should be installed in a fashion that is inviting to all guests. L-shaped formats can help you cram in tons of extra company, but horizontal rows are equally alluring.

When it comes to the counter tops, any composition will do. Just make sure the surface matches the stools. For more amazing product for a man cave just click here:

Guys have free reign when applying the finishing touches. There is no reason not to pack the walls with sentimental knickknacks, and this is a superb location for all of the decor your wife doesn’t want in the house.

For a little constructive guidance, just take a closer look at the potential backyard glory via our eye-catching guide to top-notch bar sheds

Tips to Build Your Own Pub

You've put in the hard work to transform your dingy basement into a neighborhood drinking spot. But don't stop at just a counter and some bar stools. A few finishing touches will make your new cocktail shrine shine.

Bar Molding

In addition to preventing spills from leaking to the floor and providing a nice arm rest for elbow benders, bar molding turns an ordinary countertop into a bar top.

Bar molding in different wood varieties is available at most woodworking stores and can be had for as little as $100 per 8 feet of material.

Most designs come precut to fit a bar top, so installation simply requires a hammer, nails, some light sanding, and a final varnish to make the molding match the rest of the bar.


Don't count on a worn-down mini-fridge for your DIY home bar. If you're going to be drinking mostly beer at the home bar, consider making your own kegerator.

If you need to keep bottled beers, chilled wines, or mixers cold, an under-the-counter beverage center with temperature control is a good buy. 

A standard beverage center will run about $500 and is the most efficient way to give your drinks the right amount of chill. Dont forget to visit here:


Nothing screams basement bar like a few flickering fluorescent lights. And a DIY home bar doesn't have to be as dark and dusty as your favorite dive.

The right lighting helps set a mood that makes drinking at your home bar different from just standing around the kitchen counter having a few beers.

LED-strip kits are an easy and affordable way to give a bar a sleek glow. Flexible light strips come in several colors and can be chopped into lengths as short as 2 inches or kept in strips tens of feet long, provided you have an adequate power supply.

Many of the flexible strips come with an adhesive back, making it easy to curve and then stick the strips exactly where you need them.

Fitting the lights underneath the bar's cabinets or bar top gives the area a simple, sophisticated ambiance. Don't forget to click here: for more amazing product for man caves.

Back Bar

Don't forget about the back bar when designing your DIY home bar. If you're stocking your bar with a wide variety of liquor, try open shelves that display the different bottles.

If the booze in your home bar consists mostly of a keg for the buddies and maybe just a bottle or two of the hard stuff, then try another option:

Large, framed mirrors or one large statement piece such as a vintage map give the back bar a sophisticated feel, as do open shelves that hold pint glasses or books.

Three-dimensional wall panels or tiles are another way to create a striking look for a back bar. Found at most home decor stores, the textured panels often come in different colors and patterns.

Even a few square feet of the panels add another dimension to a DIY home bar.With a few simple steps, your home bar will look slick and sophisticated

Man-Caves, Sheds, & Pub-Sheds

For years it seems men have been the ones needing a space all of their own, closed off from the commotion of the rest of the house where they can decompress.

Until now that is, women are joining in on the fun, and taking their turn in creating a little in-home, or on the property getaway.

And their answer back to the beloved man-cave is a cozy little decked out space called a she-shed.

What’s more, home-brewers, whiskey-lovers, and wine aficionados aren’t being left out either with their own rendition called a pub-shed.


Are dripping with style: from luxurious textiles, floor to ceiling windows, carefully crafted cornices, lanterns, solar panels, to beautiful draperies.

The palette of colors women are painting them is seemingly endless as well: bright white, tea green, sky blue, to lilac.

Imagine your own miniature country cottage with barn-wood siding, pink window trims, and pink lawn chairs. They are everything feminine she wouldn’t decorate the rest of the house with.

According to Lighter Side of Real Estate, One woman said, “This is my yoga studio… and by yoga studio I mean this is where I drink wine in my yoga pants.”

Many women are designing tiny art studios or hobby rooms for the activities they don’t have space in the house for: like scrap-booking, sewing, painting, or knitting. One woman even turned her shed into a mini-diner. More shed bar ideas for men at Man Cave Bar.

The Pub-Shed 

Trend is also gaining momentum as the home-brewing sensation grows stronger, and people are looking for fun ways to bring the party home.

Pub-sheds are like a bar in miniature, with framed posters, TVs, beers on tap, and walls of favorite whiskeys. Read Man Cave Shed for more best ideas.

Some guys and gals are even decking their pub-sheds out with pinball machines, and dart boards. With just enough room for a little bar top, and enough stools to seat your friends, pub-sheds are quickly catching on

Some couples are even calling their man-caves, pub-sheds, and she-sheds, marriage savers! The best part is they are all about you, your taste, and they’re tiny. Forget a garden shed full of shovels, lawn mowers, and rakes, and add in some of your very own style with a tiny shed suited just to your liking.
For more amazing product for a man cave just click here:

How-To Create your Own She-Shed or Pub-Shed:

A shed from the big box hardware store makes the perfect platform, and they range in size and price tag.


That has been collecting dust in the attic, your kid’s old day bed, or garden furniture that went out of style ten years ago will be perfect.

You can re-purpose the old furniture by painting it to match your color scheme, or sand and stain it into the new perfect hue. For more amazing product just voist here:

Custom Windows & drapes 

Will take your shed to the next level and help you create that open inviting feeling to your miniature oasis.


Your shed, old furniture, and flower boxes in your favorite hues, and hold nothing back! (It’s tiny, and tucked away, so even if your pub-shed is shamrock green, or Barbie pink, it’s not going to offend anyone).


Your shed and set all of your inhibitions aside; it’s your getaway, and it should reflect you as much possible. Most importantly, have fun, and enjoy your itty-bitty slice of heaven.

Trendy 5 Pub Sheds

Go Big or Go Home

Yes, this pub-shed offers a pool table in the backyard! What we love about this pub-shed design is the indoor/outdoor nature of it. It includes, a pool table, jukebox, cinema system and bar at a cost of roughly $22,000 (converted from British Pounds).

While we realize this design is probably a bit much for some – it is great for those “go big or go home” types out there.

Rustic is Just Right

This design brings nature a bit more into it but offers a distinct charm. Functionally, it also closes up in bad weather, protecting bar stools and bottles. Its truly a manly design.

Pub Shed

This highly personalized pub-shed is a perfect addition to a smaller yard. Little touches like the hanging dart board and the sign make it an inviting place to hang out. 

And it allows you to contribute your ideas about art and satisfaction after customizing you own pubman cave.

Open for Business

This design looks like it could be out on the streets of Portland, not tucked away in a backyard.

Is this the next big thing after food carts (we doubt it)? However, we love this simplistic design that is focused on function. 

It attracts people especially when its open and you can just stay for awhile and enjoy drinks with friends.

More Fun with Multi-Purpose

This is a well designed space that can be used as a pub shed or place to pot plants or other yard crafts. The slanted roof will drain nicely so that even during rainy Portland winters this space could be a nice respite.

The movable table offers a slew of options when using this space. This is a great compromise between pub shed and outdoor kitchen.

This Is How To Make Your Pub

  • Shed Into Your Own Private Bar

  • This is a pub shed.

  • The concept is as simple as it is awesome...

  • It's a backyard shed that was turned into a pub.

  • Pub sheds can be large and elaborate or small and simple.

  • As long as you have room for a couple stools and a rack of booze.

  • They can be classy and neutral Or totally authentic.

  • Obviously this is a dream DIY project. So we've rounded up exactly how you can create this amazing getaway spot mere feet from your own home.

  • The most important thing you'll need: a shed.

  • The depth and width don't matter as much as the height--make sure your bartender (which is probably yourself) can actually stand inside it

  • Bar stools (or other seating) are also important.

  • You'll need some light.

  • String lights are the best: no wiring involved. Just drag an extension cord out there and light 'er up.

  • Another requirement: booze.

  • This one is pretty non-negotiable. But the best part about having your own bar: you get to pick what is served! Your favorite is always available (provided that you actually buy it.)

  • Don't forget the tip jar.

  • It's basically a piggy bank. That you can spend on only booze.

  • And, you must give it a name.

    Get Creative

    • A wall-mounted bottle opener is very convenient.

    • An accurate clock will do you some good.

    • Retro bar signs set the mood.

    • The best beer deserves the best mini fridge.

    • You'll want some extra entertainment.

    • Every respectable bar has coasters.

    • Kegerators are not cheap, but they are worth it.

    • Neon signs are the indicator of a truly bad-ass bar.

    • This fryer makes crispy snacks without oil.

      Bring your set out to your new favorite place. Give your home bar or man cave a touch of authentic pub atmosphere with a handy bar table. Your friends and guests will appreciate having a spot to rest their drink on officially licensed tables from brands like Coors, Budweiser, and more.  See also: Big Bar for Big Boys 

      Looking for something a little less branded? We’ve got other options ranging from plain wood to elegant wine barrel tables to a camouflage pub table that’s sure to stand out in your space. Just click here: