Hunter's Man Cave

May 10, 2018

Hunter's Man Cave

In ancient times, man was driven to hunt other animals for the sake of feeding his family, but today, this profession is still prevalent on some parts of the world where convenience is a luxury and the only way to bring food to the table is either to farm, or to hunt.

I mean, other people will say that hunting is unethical (I'm looking at you vegans), but mate, for over millions of years, from early hominids to the modern man, hunting is still widespread across the globe.

Aside from the main reason I said earlier, there are also other reasons why man still hunts today despite having all the technological advances that will make his acquisition of food as easy as just clicking one button.

For some men, hunting becomes their pastime activity, and others turned it into passion. Hunters all around the world are reveled for their hunting and tracking skills (and despised by some animal rights activists), but today, we will sway away from the act of hunting itself.

Have you ever thought of where does the modern hunter keep his hunting equipment,such as his bow, crossbow or rifle?

Or how about the trophies that he have acquired over the years?

Just like any man out there, these dudes have a safe haven somewhere (probably his home or a common place where he meets his best buds) where they proudly show all their accomplishments, their best guns and their beloved hunting weapons and so on to their friends and the people who have the same mindset as theirs.

It is also a private place on where they hide their passion away from the prying eyes of judgmental people who doesn't even know a thing or two about what they do.
Are you a hunter as well? Having that passion of talking and pursuing animals either for fun or for food?

Are you interested in creating your very own headquarters where you and your hunter friends can hang out and discuss all things about hunting while having a cold beer?

Let me walk you through on how to make your very own "Hunter's Den". Or visit Hunting Man Cave Decor for more hunter's theme ideas.

The Basics

First thing is first, you need to look for a suitable location to build it, right? Probably the first thing that comes into your mind is build it in your home. Actually that's a good idea so that you can manage its maintenance. Now you have a couple of choices to make:


Your bedroom

Well, for this option, you can't expect to have a big floor space for this since you will be including your (and your wife's) bed on the plan, and of course, this will be a private place for only yourself (you don't expect to have some friends go inside your bedroom right? plus your wife will probably dislike this idea). See also: Man cave Designs Bedroom


The Attic

A pretty nice option too, if you are planning to have a private man cave for yourself. If you want your friends to come by here, they will probably go through the kitchen or the living room to access your man cave, which is a bit of a hassle.

The Basement

For me, this is the ideal option, especially if your basement can be accessed from the outside of the house. Just make sure it is vacant and big enough for you to build your ideal hunter's den (and yeah also keep in mind that there are commonly a lot of things that are kept in your attic, like the back-up generator or the water pump and tank.

Creating a Separate Cabin

If you live in a rural area and you have a pretty big lot, and also a lot of time in your hands and the needed funds too, then you can build a cabin on where you can place all your hunting gears and trophy. It is also nice because you are away from the main house and can't be bothered by other people. (It is also a nice place to keep your hunting gears away from children, if there is any)


After choosing the best spot, then it is time for renovation

If you pick the 4th option (creating a separate cabin), first choose what material it is made of. You can choose either concrete or wood (just like the frontiers man cabin), afterwards know the dimensions of your proposed project and calculate the total cost of the needed materials. Check out Hunting Man Caves for more awesome ideas.

For the rest of the other options mentioned above, you can go ahead and check the wirings inside the walls and make sure there are no open wires and all of them are functioning, same goes too with the wirings for you’re the lights.
After all the wirings are secured, it is time to fix the walls itself. You can use wood to cover the wall and covering pipes in faux columns. You can even add lock joints for extra authenticity. If are happy with the wall (concrete), clean it first by scrubbing the old wallpaper or paint off of it and paint it with your ideal color (I prefer darkish or light brown so it would look like it is made of wood).

After applying the paint to the walls or paneling the walls with wood and applying wood finish to it, prepare the floor for painting. Simply follow the steps above (the painting process part) and apply floor paint on it.Gloss or sheen finishes are available in the market and if you want you can add a carpet too. (I prefer dark brown paint so that it would look like a hardwood floor).

Also don’t forget to fix the ceiling too. If repainting is needed, go ahead and paint it with your desired color (make sure to cover the bulb sockets with masking tape to avoid accidentally painting on them).

After applying the paint, let it dry first overnight. Once it is done, you can now proceed to placing your furniture inside.



Always remember to place in first the furniture inside before placing the decors, for there is a possibility that you will ruin the decors if you have a hard time placing the furniture. Also, think carefully on what furniture you need to place inside, these may include:

Seating furniture

Furniture such as your "man cave" recliner and "man cave" theater seating are needed inside. These are where you will mostly hang out or even take a nap.
In choosing carefully the right “man cave" recliner and "man cave" theater seating, based on your floor area, will definitely give you enough space for other things that you might put inside your den.
(If you are looking for the perfect recliner and theater system, or other seating furniture, you can browse online, especially at for they have the best furniture you need that will also suit the design of your man cave).


 A few stools

In case you have more people to come by. Stools are also good seating furniture when you work on something on the table.

A coffee table

Just in front of the theater seating where you can place your food and beverages and a corner table to store your collection of hunting and weapons magazine.

A display cabinet

If you want to off your prized possessions such as vintage and rare rifle collections and other memorabilia.

A workshop table or a gunsmith's table

Where you can do basic repair and zeroing your hunting rifle, making your own bullets, stinging your recurve or composite bow, nocking and mounting arrow points on your arrows, and also doing crossbow repairs and calibrations (if you use one).

A weapons cabinet

To store all your hunting weapons such as bows, crossbows, hunting rifles, and air rifles. You can also store your bows, quivers, bolds, extra empty rifle magazines and boxes of extra rounds here too.

A separate cabinet

To keep your tools (preferably a wall mounted cabinet) and also other things like your hunting gears, extra scopes, hunting bags, magazine or bolt pouches, and gadgets like GPS navigation devices and compasses.

A fridge

To store your drinks and other foodstuff, and also a separate freezer to act as a storage for your hunted game and is also big enough to accommodate a medium -sized deer or boar plus a room for other hunted birds such as wild fowls or hunted rabbits (and of course, extra beer if the other fridge is already full).

A television

Where you can watch your favorite shows or movies when lazing around and has nothing to do (this is just optional).

Your "man cave" bed

in case you want to sleep on your den. (the bed should not be very big, ideally just a simple bed that is small enough to fit one person will do)

A Fireplace

This is just optional, but it will definitely add an authentic cabin theme to your man cave. (perfect of you live on colder areas, for aside from heating up your den, it can also serve as a cooking place for your game)
If you have other furniture that you want in your man cave, make sure first that there is still enough room inside where you can roam around freely. If not, then just choose the most important ones to be placed inside.


We are now on the final step of your man cave build. Since we already have placed all the needed furniture inside, you can add now your desired decors, which may include:

Animal Head or Bust Wall Decors - This is the most distinguishable décor that tells people that you are a real hunter. You can choose different types of it, either reproductions (1 is to 1 high quality replica) or the traditional skin-mount (yep, made from real animals), and from different animals. Common ones are:

  • Deer and Buck busts and heads
  • Wild hogs busts and heads
  • Moose or Reindeer busts and heads
  • Whole fish wall décor like a whole carp
  • Wolf and other wild dog bust and heads
  • Bear bust or heads
  • Other extinct animals bust or heads (reproduction)



Old rifles(of course, the firing pin is already taken off for safety) placed on display racks. Aside from old rifles, you can also place any rifle that you want (remember to take off the firing pin) on a display rack and turn it into an awesome wall decor. Other hunting weapons can be mounted on the wall too like bows and crossbows.

Racks for fishing rods. (if you like fishing too)

Posters about hunting, especially the replica of old hunting posters, those things rock!

Frontiersman axes and bolo knives on display, they may look ridiculous but trust me, they look great as wall decors too.

Your very own memorable hunting pictures placed on wooden frames as wall decors so you can always reminisce those good old times.

Any wall art that you like, it can be a carved from wood or made of plaster or fiberglass.

After placing all the decors that you want and the furniture that you need, you have now your very own man cave where you can chill out with your friends, prepare your hunting gears and equipment, repair your weapons, clean your kills during your hunt, and also a haven where all your favorite things are kept.
Having a separate place exclusively for you is a great way to let out your passion and creative side. After a hard week of work and taking care of the family, always treat yourself with some quality time by hanging out there and having a cold beer or two.
Tell your friends to come over to keep you company and discuss all the things you and your friends have in common. It is a sure thing that every moment you stay on your man cave, is a peaceful yet unforgettable moment for you. See also: Man Cave Layout.