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May 23, 2018

Portal ToThe Gaming World

Gaming… whew, so where are we going to start?

Gaming has been part of daily life for pretty much any guy out there, ranging from various platforms to different game genres (mobile gaming not included, because that sucks). And of course, for the typical gamer guy, it is necessary to have a game room where you can play in private instead of paying rent for playing on a computer shop.

I myself is a gamer, with over countless hours of in-game experience from various games for over 20 years (yes, I've been playing video games even before I entered pre-school). I too have my very own game room (which is also my bedroom and also serves as my study room), which isolates me from the rest of the household so that I can focus on my game.

I have started building my gaming room back when my mom scolded me for using the living room television every time I want to play my favorite games on PS2 15 years ago. I got mad because I can't play games whenever I want, so I decided to create my own haven where I can play my games freely, with no interruptions from outside sources, and where I can bring in my friends who loved gaming too so that we could play together. Visit Man Cave Games for ultimate Man Cave guide for gamer.

Now in 2018, After years of gradually adding one thing at a time, my game room has evolved from a simple bedroom with a spare television, my ps2 and just a couple of game cd's to a sophisticated man cave complete with a high-end gaming pc, a 37 inch high definition television with a ps4 hooked to it, two shelves loaded with all the games I have collected through the years and a digital surround system that would make any audiophile envy.

So, it is ideal to build your own gaming room in your house (that is if you are a hardcore gamer like me), a place where you can place all your gaming achievements, decors, figures and so on. Designing your very own gaming room doesn't need to be expensive or extravagant right from the beginning, right? Nobody starts big right away, for it is a gradual process that needs time and patience (while of course not burning your pockets in just one go), because at the end of the day, what matters the most is your game. To help you set up your Man Cave gamer's room visit Man Cave Electronics.

Anyway, if you are planning to build your very own gaming room, the you have come to the right place! I will run you through the basics of the build, from the very first step to the last, and most importantly, this guide is just a backbone on creating one, so that means that you will still be the one to decorate it according to your taste and preference. So let's get started!

Pick your Ideal Location

First and foremost, you can't have your game room if you don't have an ideal location for it, right? (I mean, you can't just have your living room or the kitchen for your gamer room, right?) So the very first thing that will come to your mind is your very own room, of course. Most gamers would prefer this setup because it is the most convenient, for you can just lie on your bed right away after a long night of gaming and since it is your own bedroom, you have privacy, thus no interruptions (aside from your mom calling you out for lunch or dinner).

If you like to have a separate location for your game room, then any spare room in your house would suffice (that is if you have any, like an attic or a basement), or you can also use a part of your garage if it is big enough (if you want privacy as a top priority even with friends around, then a spare room would work, but if you want a bigger place where your friends can freely go in and out anytime, then I suggest to use the garage).


Now is the time to prepare the room for renovation and since this is a gamer room, you need to consider a lot of things first:

  • Soundproofing - Gamer rooms tend to be very noisy, especially when your friends are around (mostly for console players where most multiplayer games need multiple controllers are prevalent), and also for people who uses speakers instead of headsets. Soundproofing is also needed for people who uses third party communication programs for gaming (of course, you don’t want the whole house hearing your rants and curses right?)

  • Air Conditioning and Room Heating Systems - Part of comfort is temperature, and you want to have the optimum temperature in any weather condition all the time. If you live on the tropical regions, then it is suggested to invest on an air conditioner to avoid your game room turning into an oven (of course, choose the correct air conditioner based on the size of your room) to lower the room's temperature especially during noontime (and also to avoid overheating your precious rig, if you are a pc gamer like me, but if ventilation is good and cool, natural air can freely circulate in your room, then there is no problem).

    For people who lives on cold regions (especially on the north), heaters are a great option so that you and your friends won't freeze during the harsh winter conditions. (And also you don’t want to wear jackets inside the gaming room right?)


  • Ventilation - Any small room 
-- not just bathrooms -- with poor ventilation is subject to mold, which is both unhealthy for occupants and damaging to contents, from furniture (such as your reclining chair and theater seating), decors (including carpeting and walls) your "man cave" bed" (if you use your bedroom as your game room), and of course your pc and/or gaming console. Poor ventilation can have serious consequences. It can make our homes “sick”, with condensation and mold damaging the walls and fabric of our houses. But, more importantly, it can make the occupants sick. In case that you are not using an air conditioner, you can use a large ceiling fan together with an exhaust fan is one of the many ways to overcome this issue.

  • Cable Management - You need to have wires and cables properly tucked in the walls or along the corners and don’t leave them dangling on corners of your room or all over the floor, for this may cause injuries if someone accidentally tripped on it. Use cable ties to bind them together and if possible, put a sticker or indicator so that you can tell easily what wires or cables should you be plugging in and to avoid mixing all cables together into an entangled mess.

  • Lighting - Strategically placing the lights on specific locations around your room will greatly affect the feel and the ambience of your gaming time. Also it avoids you from buying too many lights that will sometime spoil the vibe of the room. For me, I use RGB light bulbs that are programmable to dim anytime I want and to save a few presets and control it via a remote (I even have a preset that it blinks and dims depending on the music played, disco style).

      Furniture and Decorations

      You can pretty much do whatever you want on this section. Some other important things are included here that are not really categorized as decorations but if you properly place them on strategic areas around your game room then they can very pleasing to the eyes and can be considered as "decorations' too, with use. Visit gentsterritory.com.au for you furniture needs.

      • Wall, floor and ceiling color - Common colors such as white, light blue, grey or even pink are popular choices when it comes to choosing the best wall, floor and ceiling color. I personally use grey paint with a matte finish because for some reason I like the color especially for the ceiling and the floor, while white paint with a matte finish is used for the walls (to to simply highlight the decors of course).

        • Lighting color - Okay, so let's go back to lighting. After you have placed the bulb sockets on your ideal locations, it is also a good idea to have a bulb that can change color aside from the usual white. You can buy a RGB light bulb to add sass into your game room, if not, you can also use RGB LED strips along the corners of your ceiling, behind the television, under the shelves or even at the back of your computer monitor to add flavor to the ambience. Placing a lava lamp on your desk is also a good addition to your tabletop decoration.

        • Containers - The word "containers" means anything that can contain your stuff, either to display it or to hide it. For containers such as shelves and cabinets, I choose simple-looking yet sturdy grey ones that matches the color of my ceiling and floor to contain my stuff. You can place your stuff such as old gaming consoles with disk boxes or cartridges, action figures, books and other things that shows how hardcore of a gamer you are.

        • Tables and Desks - Choose the size of the desk depending on the size of your room and the things that it should hold. What I choose is a long desk that serves as my work station on the left and my pc rig on the right. If you have a console, choose a short table (like a coffee table) where you can place your television/monitor and speakers and with an extra surface at the bottom to accommodate your gaming console.

          For your pc, you can have a dedicated computer desk wide enough to accommodate your PC (much wider desks for PC's with multiple monitor configurations) plus other things that you might add such as a file storage organizer or speaker system.

            • Seating Furniture - Now this part will include your reclining chair and theater seating (which are both available at gentsterritory.com.au that will suit your budget and man cave build). For people who mainly play games with gaming consoles and racing or gaming chairs for gamers who primarily use their PC for gaming or streaming. Also place your seating furniture in places where it can be easily accessible (like the center of the room for reclining chairs and theater seating) and also choose the appropriate size of your seating furniture depending on the size of your game room (you don't want your seating furniture to take up most of your gaming room floor space, right?)

            • Wall Decorations - Now this part will heavily depend on your preference. You can choose from game posters, gaming manufacturer's banners and flags, shelf full of action figures, paintings or go minimalist by not placing anything on your wall at all. I prefer to go minimalist so that the main focus on my room is either my gaming PC rig or the television with my PS4 hooked to it. Your imagination is the limit here so go all out and show your inner fanboy by placing specific decors if you have a particular gaming peripheral brand or game series that you like.


              There are some optional things that you need to add to your game room to add more immersion and stability every time you and your friends play your favorite video games. These includes:

              • Dedicated Wireless Router - When playing online games, you need all the juice that you can squeeze out from your router, so if you are just connected to the main router of your house, chances are you'll gonna expect a lot of latency on your game, which will result to lagg (and you getting angry), so having a dedicated router that is exclusive for your console or pc (if the motherboard have a Wi-Fi connectivity feature) will ensure that you won't deal with any latency issues anymore.

              • Program that Syncs all Your Lighting - If there is one thing that a gamer wants when it comes to lighting is to sync them all. Use a dedicated program or to control and sync all the lighting in your gaming room, such as:

                All the LED's in your room (like the ones you put in the corner of the ceiling to the underglow of your gaming table)

                All the RGB lighting inside your PC case (if it is modded)

                All RGB PC or Console peripherals (such as mouse, keyboard and controllers)
                  Synchronizing all lightings in your gaming room will give you that elegant ambience that is programmed to synchronize with the lighting on the game itself or pulse or waves depending on the music.

                  • Small Refrigerator for Drinks and A Rack for Chips and Snacks - Gaming, of course, includes long hours of sitting, and for online multiplayer games, you can't easily get away from your keyboard or controller to grab a snack in the kitchen. So, if you are extravagant enough (and also have friends who frequently visit your man cave to play games frequently), it is convenient to have a small fridge and a chips dispenser at one corner of your game room and treat it like a mini-pantry, for nothing can ruin your gaming session when you have cold drinks and snacks within arm's reach.


                  Building a gaming man cave is not necessarily an expensive endeavor, you can build one with just your bedroom and your favorite gaming platform, or do an extravagant man cave using your basement, complete with all the amenities and top-notch gaming gears which can accommodate all your gaming buddies. Just remember one thing, you did this all for the enjoyment of gaming alone or with your friends, and not because you want to show off to everyone that you can do it (which actually defeats the purpose). No matter how you build it, how inexpensive or costly it is, or just for yourself or with a lot of friends, for at the end of the day, the basis of your happiness and fulfillment is how much you enjoyed the game. Every video game is a journey that gives all players a unique experience, and having your own gaming man cave will give you that immersion like no other! Check this one also: CUSTOMIZING A MAN'S CAVE