The Classy Old Timer’s Retreat

June 06, 2018

The Classy Old Timer’s Retreat

(How to configure your man cave for a person who likes fine and classy settings)

Make it simple, but significant. It’s got to be every man’s dream, to have a space where you can find refuge away from your kids, from your partner, and from your exhausting work. A place you could unwind and loosen up, read your favorite books and listen to classical music, or just hang with your mates.

A place you can call your own. For many men, it’s the most important space in your home, and this one is called your very own Man Cave. For a classy, sophisticated Man like you, we have made some helpful tips and exemplified the qualities of our favorite men: strength, warmth, elegance and style.

Classy is the Original Black

(Black is the color of Men)

Go dark.For a man who wants to spend his free time reading books while enjoying a scotch with his feetpropped up, focus on providing plenty of comfortable seating, (such as a classic leather chesterfield sofa or a leather man cave recliners).

Leather is always the material of choice when it comes to decorating a man cave, not only because it gives a classy vibe, but also because it is spill resistant, always in style, and ages beautifully. (And of course easy to clean) While dark walls might make your main living space feel claustrophobic, a small den like your man cave is a great spot to experiment with some bold hue.

Charcoal gray creates a refined ambiance, and the neutral walls can be a great base for mixing in more colorful furnishings and an eclectic mix of decor. 

For better guide in decorating your Man Cave please visit Man Cave Decor Ideas.

The Workaholic Bookworms

(Is it an Office or a cultured Library?)

Some might find this one kind of boring, but in reality it is not, and it doesn’t have to be. (Of course it is not… for the guys who love books). A lot of guys have offices in their homes, you might not think of it as a man cave, but isn’t that exactly what it is called? Man caves weren’t always called “man caves”; the earliest versions of it were more often referred to as “dens” or “studies”.

And now, in your own man cave, you too can relive that classic tradition, by setting up your man cave like a study with your very own library! It might not involve a TV or a bar, but any place that you go to be alone and enjoy your overly thick books can technically be defined as a man cave. And there’s no reason that a home office or a study can’t be an exciting, and stimulating environment.

A TV may not be appropriate (But of course you can have that flat screen thing at the sidelines for your leisure entertainment) if you actually have to work while in there, but invest in a comfy leather man cave recliner, install some relaxing lighting and some classical music.

Make it a room you would like to visit instead of somewhere you have to go. If you considered yourself a bookworm then, having a library will make your man cave complete, with bookshelves stacked with hardcover literary classics, elegant furniture, plush armchairs, dark heavy drapes, classy wood floors, and maybe even a bar stocked with some good scotch (or any other liquor of your choice).

You can get some ideas on the some of the sample pictures above or you can also visit this article: Big Bar for Big Boys


(Choosing the right furniture for a sophisticated Man Cave)

Masculine elegance translates to rich materials like supple leather and suede or rich flannel and tweed suiting fabrics. Being a classy, sophisticated man means having all your things scream classy and sophistication.

And that doesn’t just stop right there. Your Man cave has to be too. And so, choosing the right wallpaper, floor carpets, furniture, and even curtains is a must and a detailed process. Choosing the best paint color for your man cave is the first step to creating a private space that rocks.

Instead of imposing an overly complicated design, you'll want to keep your color choices simple with a palette of two or three colors.

This will keep the focus on the main functions of your man cave.

Wall coverings and furniture can be another opportunity for creative expression. Earth tones, these colors are always and the choice of men when it comes to painting their man caves. Not only it is neutral, but it is also a relaxing color which gives you a sense of calmness.

For your furniture, you can have a comfy leather couch, leather man cave recliner, or a sofa (which you can buy at as we all say, Leather spells elegance and sophistication which will most likely suit your ever sophisticated man cave. A dark drape curtain will also be a great addition to your man cave. Read Man Cave Design for more sophisticated ideas.

Decorative lighting, such as a chandelier or pendant, can serve as a major statement maker. This one is functional, but it will also give your man cave a “wow” factor with a masculine edge.

An Eye for Art

(Behind every sophisticated man cave is a stylish man with an eye for detail.)

Man Caves don’t just consist of a simple table and chair as a furniture. A man cave is a representation of who you are and what kind of person you are.

And if sophistication and class is your thing, then having a classy and sophisticated man cave will be the best for you. Your man cave should embrace masculine materials and deep undertones.

Rich leathers, timbers, and natural stone are the ideal materials to use within the space.

Dark tones of grays, blues, and army greens will marry well with the materials and ramp up the sophistication. To take it up a notch, weave in textures that lift the space and add contrast like metals, mirror, glass, brass, and the occasional contrasting color. You can also have you antiques displayed on your center table,such as:

  • A phonograph where you can play your old record or vinyl

  • Old cigar ashtrays and Cigar metal box displays

  • Old magazines from the 50's

  • Small old statues

This is not antique but you also need to have your favorite hard liquor and some glasses

Of course, No man cave will be complete without a show-stopping trophy piece. A signed jersey or classic movie poster is something expected. So why not scout out a sculptural piece that’s unexpected and unique to your space. "The use of accents can also give the room a punch, (Like incorporating photography) because it can bring drama to the room and you can often get high-end artists at a much more reasonable price.


Are you good in Playing Poker?

(Entertainment features of a sophisticated Man Cave)

An extensive 3D flat screen TV on your wall with surround sound to revile any cinema experience will of course be a prerequisite for many men, but this man cave of yours is all about upping the sophistication, and before there cinema rooms were invented, man caves were a place for friends to gather and listen to records, play a game of poker, or to just sit back, relax and banter with each other.

 A sophisticated, masculine man cave creates a perfect balance between the two. Don’t forget to always have a deck of cards on hand, invest in a well-made poker set, or impress your friends with a collection of classic records and a phonograph as player. (After all, antiques and sophistication goes very well with each other.. right?).

The Man Cave Bathroom

(Men and their Bathrooms)

Generally men are not a huge fan of floral arrangements and patterns, potpourri and decorative soaps and frills of course. When designing a bathroom for your man cave you should always keep it simple and include some of your favorite elements.

Whether you are beginning with the blank space of your new home or just updating the bathroom you currently have, we will give you tips so your bathroom makeover will be easy.The best way to start is to clear out the clutter and look at what you already have.

A neutral color palette and clean lines will give the space a modern, masculine backdrop.

Next, choose one or two elements that will contribute, like wood, metal or clear glass. This might mean adding a tempered glass door to your shower. The word to success is “Simplicity”.

Let clean lines and organized spaces define the bathroom. Toiletries can get out of control and messy pretty quick, so make sure to plan adequate and easy to use storage areas (Such as cabinets just below the sink) to encourage tidiness. Areas to pay special attention might include the shower, sink and toilet.

Then again, use earth tone colors, or something dark ones (Such as midnight blue, black or brown for the flooring) and incorporate it with dim lights for a more relaxing and calm vibe.

Having Man Cave Mini Bars or a Fridge is a must

Nothing beats a chilled Scotch on hand while reading your favorite hard covered book. Having a mini bar or simply a fridge inside your man cave will be of great use.

Whether it could be your old discarded fridge from the stockroom, or a newly bought one, it should be pretty operational for it could be of great use when your friends just decided to come over and well, rummage through your stock of beers and play poker. It is important that your fridge isn’t just operational, you should also consider the price, the capacity and of course it should also be stylish.

If you want to a little detail, you could put some refrigerator magnets that are of course classy (Such as classy retro top hat magnet, or a wine bottle magnet)

A Real Man Needs His Sleep

(Choosing the best sophisticated Bed for a sophisticated man cave)

As we already know, Man Caves were made for relaxation and comfort of most men. And sleep is one of the most comforting things that you can do while you are inside your man cave.

To be able to say that your man cave is the most or most probably the comfiest one, you should at least have a man cave bed in it right? Nothing is even more comfortable than our precious bed and nothing beats the comfort we feel under the sheets after a long exhausting day from work. You must have fell asleep on your man cave recliner or on your sofa for a thousand times already. So, it would be cool to invest for a man cave bed in it to avoid a kink on the neck upon waking up from a recliner.

Upon choosing a bed, pick a bed that will suit your man cave. If you like reading books before going to sleep, then having a bed that has some book shelf in the headboard would be the best and convenient choice for you. Having a bed in your man cave could be the most comfortable thing that can happen to you. 

Personal Touches

Anyone can say that your man cave is really yours when you will some of the things that they may know belongs to you.

Therefore, adding a little of your personal touches would be a great thing.

If you were a musician or should I say just know and own a music instrument, you can hang your precious instruments on the wall (Like Clarinets, Saxophone, or any instruments that are small and can be hung. If you have bigger ones such as the grand piano, you could put it in the center of your man cave. In this case, your grand piano will be a great display,

This is the perfect space for that lifelong collection that your wife or children just doesn’t understand. 

Whether its Star Wars action figures, album covers, or oil cans, it is important to surround yourself with things that are significant to you. See also: The Jedi Headquarters

If you have a collection, then this is your chance to display it. If you don’t have a collection, you should try considering in starting one. Having a room where you can organize your objects, display them, and keep them safe is one of the best reasons why every man should have a man cave “just for him.”