The Jedi Headquarters

May 30, 2018

The Jedi Headquarters

How to configure your Man Cave, Star Wars Style.

The Force will be with you - Always. Do you know whose popular line is this? Well, if you were born after the 70's, then your chances of being caught up in the Star Wars catastrophe is really huge, and you will absolutely know whom this popular line belongs to. A long time ago, in a sub-reddit far, far, away.... There was an epic battle between good and evil. The Jedi fight for justice and peace and the Sith for power and chaos. Which side will you take? From here on, we will help and give you ideas on how to make and decorate your very own Star Wars inspired Man Cave.

May the Force Be With You…

(Making your Star Wars Inspired Man Cave)

Superman have the Fortress of Solitude, Elvis have his Graceland, Batman, also have the Bat cave – Bottom line is, men need their personal space. And so, the man cave was born. It is a metaphor describing a room inside a house (Such as the basement, the garage or the attic, or the spare bedroom, where the guys can do everything as they please, minus the fear of upsetting any female sensibility about house decor or design).

Man Cave is a sort of getaway space that guys really want and need. We have some tips that might help you in making your Star Wars themed Man Cave possible.

Preparing the Space

Get your space ready, it may be the attic or the basement, or just anywhere in your house that is spare, has enough elbow room, and is left currently unused or pretty much abandoned. Make sure to clean it thoroughly before you start remodeling the room. When you are inside the newly cleaned room, walk through the space and visualize what you want your Man Cave to look like.

Be realistic in your assessment of the space and function. Any major home-improvement project like this requires serious planning and a keen eye. You can make a draft on how you would like to arrange the things that you will put inside the room (Such as where to put the couch or the TV, and so on…). One way to give character to a man cave is through walls. You can repaint the walls or if you are too lazy for paints, then you can just buy wallpaper instead.

Because we are making a Star Wars inspired man cave, it is best to choose earth tone colors (Man caves should have brown; brown’s a good manly-color. If it comes with a fancy name that you’ve never heard of, don’t use it.) or futuristic ones. Depending on how you like it; the next one is the flooring. Tiled wood or not, wouldn’t be a problem. You can just use a stylish carpet that goes well with the walls. Carpets will make your man cave look and feel comfy.


Light it all up!

Put some additional light or curtains. Of course install adjourn lighting or a light on a dimmer switch if you are planning to watch movies inside your man cave. (Which will surely happen almost every day). Choose lights that are also stylish and will blend with theme of your man cave. If you are active enough, you can also put some glow in the dark star stickers on your ceiling (for more galaxy like a starry night inside your man cave). If your man cave has windows, you can put up blackout curtains so you can instantly pull them close and watch movies at three in the afternoon without the outside world butting in.

It’s Time to Refurbish..

The ultimate Star Wars inspired man cave is much more than just a room with a flat screen TV and a couch in it; your man cave will be a space packed with characters and cool fixtures that will amaze your pals!

And if you’re the creative type, with a handy talent with DIY projects, or are willing to invest some extra money in the setting up of your soon to be Jedi headquarters, there’s almost no limit to what you can add up in there.

Get the comfiest, most suited man cave recliners, man cave theater seating, couches, armchairs, or beanbags that you can find (or try the ones on, for they have awesome black leather ones). Black leather couches along with a couple of tables (You can use for drinking session with your pals and some board or card games), would go well with the star wars theme of your man cave.

From light fittings to fitted cabinets, and even secret doorways, men across the world have created man caves that suit your personal taste, style and interests. You can also put some table and other furniture (Such as bookcases or cabinets where you can put some of your figures).

Power ups

Whether your Man Cave is all about video games, watching movies, or building stuff, one thing's really for sure, you're going to need lots of power, (And power you must have..). Your man cave will be useless if it doesn’t have power.

How can you binge watch movies, or play video games all night long or have your heater or air conditioner on when the weather gets nasty? (It’s a real bummer right?) So, always make sure that your home theater equipment, gaming consoles and other power tools have a clean, convenient and protected source of energy by choosing the right surge protector or power strip to suit your needs or requirements. It is important to get your man cave fully armed and operational for you to have a comfortable, enjoyable stay inside it.

That Big Smart Flat Screen is all I need..

If you’re trying to create a cool galaxy-like theme space in which you can relax, unwind, have fun or feel like a Jedi master, then this is by far the best part of the renovation process. It’s all about the big smart TV screen (if you don’t have one, then a projector would also work just fine) and a man cave theater seating.

Where else are you going to binge watch your favorite movies, sports channel and play video game marathons? Every respectable man cave needs a respectably sized big screen TV (or projector). Choosing what items and entertainments you want to add up to your man cave can be a lot of fun, especially if you also have a lot of room available in your man cave! But don’t worry, because not all spaces need to be huge to create a man cave that you will absolutely love.

Even in small spare bedroom spaces can be transformed into areas that you’ll love spending time in. You just need to be creative (You can also get ideas from the picture above). Imagination is your limit. A well-styled man cave features a large television and a high-quality sound system. Whether you’re watching a playoff game or the newest action movie, man cave theater systems are the perfect addition. 

The Force is Strong with This One..

Adding a Mini Man Cave bar, or just a Fridge

One of the main purposes of having a man cave is that so, you wouldn’t have to walk upstairs or across the hall to the kitchen and go get a cold beverage out of the refrigerator.

To avoid this daunting task (just exaggerating a bit) you need to have a man cave bar and or a fridge in your man cave (Of course it should be star wars inspired also, if you are so inclined). You can be creative and work your wonders.

Just customize your old fridge by adding some stickers or dress it like Darth Vader (Just like the sample pictures above), or if you have a lot of spare cash you can definitely just shop for a new fridge (preferably the black colored ones), so it will suit your star wars inspired man cave. It’s essential that you pick the most appropriate fridge, taking into account its looks, price and most importantly, the capacity.

Not only will this be convenient for you,but also accessible when your pals come over, and also during those family gatherings or parties that you are planning to host in your new and shiny Jedi Headquarters.

Even Jedi Masters must take Baths!

Optional: for Man Caves that have their own bathroom

Fed up of bathing in a girlie haven of bath bombs and frills? And sometimes a man just needs to feel like a man, right? To just close the door, forget all his worries, sit on his throne, and be the king of his own world, that’s why man caves exist (since…well…cavemen).

But in our modern world with our stylish apartments or overrun houses, how does one create the true man cave experience? Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory but every man needs his own private bathroom where he can sit on his toilet throne for hours just reading the newspaper or flipping through his cell phone.

So, If you have a bathroom inside your Man Cave, then having Black tiles and dim lights would be a cool start. Black tiles are timeless, and they’ll certainly give a sophisticated finish to your man cave for many more years to come. Whether you choose from a matt, gloss or mosaic finish, tiled horizontal or vertical, they’ll complement perfectly any white bathroom suite and with you star wars inspired man cave.The monochrome theme oozes masculinity but if you do want to add a flash of color, consider tiling one row or column with a contrasting brighter color for a maximum impact.

Sleep You Must, Dream You Will

Bed for your Jedi Headquarters

Man caves were made for relaxation and comfort of most men, and what is the first thing that comes in to your mind when you hear the word comfy? Of course, it would and will always be the bed. (The BED..Right? Well, at least for me…) nothing is even more comfortable than our precious bed and nothing beats the comfort we feel under the sheets after a long exhausting day from work or school.

One thing that you don’t see in most man caves is a bed or mattress. Why not? I guarantee many lazy afternoonsare spent sluggishly lying or napping on the sofa or in your man cave recliner of the man cave. So, why not put a decent bed in there so you can take a nap comfortably in your cave rather than wake up with a kink in your neck? (After all, it’s yours, so you will have all the right to put anything you want in there.)

Upon choosing a bed, pick a bed will suit your man cave. If you have a small space, invest for a day bed. It is a bed who has two identities which primarily acts as a sofa during the day and can be transformed into a bed at night, or whenever you feel like taking a nap.

Bunk bed will also be a cool idea. It can also be useful when some of your pals are knocked down after a long night of boy’s movie marathon and drinking session, or if they just decided to have a sleepover. Having a bed in your man cave could be the most comfortable thing that can happen to you.

Last but not Literally the Least..

Applying your final touches

This is your man cave, and by “your” means that you are literally the owner of it and everyone who might enter your Jedi headquarters better know it’s yours.

Therefore, adding a little of your personal touches would be a great thing. Are you a varsity player?

How about hanging some of your trophies or medals?

Or are you one of the outstanding students?

Highlight those accomplishments by showing off your trophy or the very bracket that won you the championship?

Your man cave is also the perfect place to display any collection you have, (such as action figures, or any other collector’s item you have in your possession). Try to design something unique that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. This is your area to shine a light on yourself and you don’t get many other opportunities like this, so now is your time to take it. If you need a step by step walk through on building a suitable Man Cave you desire, please visit Man Cave Upgrades

A Man Cave is not just about the room itself, it is more about remembering how to save time for what relaxes you. You don’t have to use a lot of space to create the feeling of fun luxury in your Cave.

Personalizing it so that it fits your taste and personality is an important step toward making it into a more comfortable and enjoyable one.

If you want to install a room that reflects your personal hobbies, go for it–but make sure you take all the necessary precautions.

So long as you follow these easy tips, your dream room should be a probable reality, and not turn into a nightmare.So, Good luck! And may the force be with you! Still has no clue what to do? visit Man Cave Grooming for more ideas.