May 16, 2018


For some men, a man cave is an escape route from their daily lives, a place they can go to get away from their families and loosen their belts. They can watch TV, listen to music, drink beer, build models or engage in any number of activities without having the kids or the wife around. A man cave could be a room in the basement, attic or garage, or a bomb shelter or storage shed. Don't forget to click here: for more amazing man cave products.

Another possibility adds mobility to the mix. By transforming an RV into a man cave, a man can have his privacy and take it to the streets. Visiting friends, taking road trips or going to a tailgate party will be possible with your traveling man cave.

Converting an RV into a Traveling Man Cave

Provided you already own an RV, you can convert it into the man cave of your dreams. Each man will have his own idea of what the traveling man cave should include, but you'll probably want to consider some of the following items. 

Media Systems

A traveling man cave should be equipped with a semi-large plasma screen or HDTV. As far as TVs are concerned, the bigger the better. To get the most variety while camping in your traveling cave, install a mobile satellite dish on the roof of the RV. Don’t forget the DVD/CD player.

Many entertainment systems can play DVDs and CDs and even have a USB connection to view the Internet on the big screen. Speaking of Internet, make sure you include a wireless Internet connection in the mix. Last but not least, install some high-quality speakers so the media center sounds as good as it looks. Don't forget to click here:

Entertainment Choices

Equip your RV with all the DVDs, CDs and any other formats compatible with your system. With the Internet, you can download just about anything.


Consider installing a tap and keg setup in your traveling man cave. What better way to enjoy your entertainment choices than to sip on a frosty beer while you do? Along with the keg cooler, add a portable refrigerator to store some snacks.

To entertain in style, add a liquor cabinet. Keep perishable mixers in one of the coolers and stock the cabinet with an assortment of clear and colored liquors.

Other Additions

Other items to include in your traveling man cave might include the following: a portable grill for tailgate parties, a comfortable bed for those times you need to take a break or should not be driving, and an assortment of sporting gear.

Be sure to keep plenty of charcoal and lighter fluid on hand, an extra set of sheets and a toolbox, in case something needs fixing.

How to Hook Up an RV Power Outlet:

Parts of an RV power outlet

To ensure the proper hooking up of your RV power outlet, make sure all required parts and accessories are already prepared.

Essential RV power outlet electrical parts include adapters for maximum power input and output, extension power cords, hatches, inverters, isolators, male/female plugs, receptacles/outlets, RV circuit breakers/fuses, RV converters, RV power outlets, RV surge protectors and switches.

Checking the Polarity

You can use an open circuit tester, a polarity tester or a ground tester to check the polarity before you plug in your RV power outlet. Your electrical system and its components, such as other appliances, can sustain damages from reverse polarity.

Before plugging in the RV power outlet, make sure that you have turned off the campground post circuit breaker. Various safety hazards may occur if the post circuit breaker has been plugged into the RV power outlet while turned on.


The campground post electrical outlet must also be checked prior to plugging in your RV. For this function, an electrical tester would be the most appropriate instrument. This would also be beneficial to minimize errors in turning off electrical power and in identifying circuit breaker

How to Install an RV Access Door Hatch

RV hatch doors can be very different from each other, so it is important to find the right model and fit for your new door. Since RV doors are rarely made to a standard size, replacing them can unfortunately be very expensive. A new door can run between $400 and $500 depending on which features are included. In order to do the job properly, be sure to have the right tools and to follow the directions in the correct order.

  • Step 1 - Remove the Old Door
Remove all screws and/or bolts from the old door, and pull it out. Remove the frame as well. Clean all remaining caulk and putty tape from the area.

  • Step 2 - Order a New Door
Now that there is a hole where your old RV door was, measure it. These will be the dimensions for your new door. Remember that your new door will come with a frame, so do not keep the old one in there.

Decide which kind of new door you want with regard to your own preference for color and texture, what type of lock it should have, etc. Do not leave the new wrapped door in direct sunlight as this may be damaging.

  • Step 3 - Apply Putty To the Door Frame
Now that you ordered your door and it has arrived, it is now time to install it. First, put at least one layer of putty tape around the door frame. In addition to providing insulation, the putty will prevent damage to the frame. A damaged door frame might give you problems with the proper fit of the door.

  • Step 4 - Install the New Door

Place the new door on the hole and secure it with nuts and bolts with your socket wrench. The nuts and bolts go in holes in the new door.

You might need to make new holes in your RV if the new holes do not match up with the old ones. With a plastic scraper or screwdriver, scrape away any excess putty tape sticking out from the door.

  • Step 5 - Maintain Your New Door Properly
You have now finished installing your new RV hatch. In order to get the most mileage out of your new door, remember to take care of it properly: adjust the striker plate and bolt so that the door opens and closes as smoothly as possible.
Lubricate the key cylinder on your lock at least annually. Also lubricate the hinges on your door, and wash and clean the fiberglass skin periodically. If too much dust and dirt accumulates on the skin, and the door is exposed to sunlight and wind, this may physically and chemically damage the door.

Remember that replacing just the skin of the door can be nearly as expensive as replacing the entire thing.

Vacation Homes With Ultimate Man Caves You Need To Experience

These top-notch rentals have sleek hangout spots and entertainment spaces that take the concept of ‘man cave’ to a whole new level (literally). These properties pull out all the stops to give the traditional man cave one heck of an upgrade. 

The homes on this list won’t just go over well with the men in your life; the whole family will enjoy lazy afternoons by the infinity pool, dinner around the wood-fired pizza oven or movie nights in the home theater—just a few of the awesome extras these rentals provide. For more product for man cave just visit here:


Cedargrove Estate: Australia

The Accommodations:

Sleeps 14, $918/Night

This spacious Byron Bay home is roomy enough to accommodate the entire extended family—a serious plus if you’re looking for a way to treat Dad and Grandpa on Father’s Day.

The ground-level man cave, complete with a full kitchen and bar, pool table, dartboard and media center, also boasts views of the lush surrounding landscape. Other five-star amenities include a home theater, an infinity pool and an airy cabana equipped with a sleek barbecue grill.

Casablanca Resort: Texas

The Accommodations:

Sleeps 12, $1,850/Night

Located just four miles from the heart of Austin, this Spanish-style home is posh and polished yet rustic and comfortable—6,000 square feet of space designed for unwinding. The manly sanctuary just off the kitchen features a poker table, big screen TVs and a full bar built into the stone accent wall.

For the grill masters itching to prepare some Texas-style beef brisket, there’s a stainless steel gas grill and wood-burning fire pit on the large backyard veranda.

Fresnaye Villa: South Africa

The Accommodations:

Sleeps 10, $1,668/Night

Take advantage of Cape Town’s thriving restaurant scene and beautiful beachfront during a stay at this breezy, open-plan mansion located in one of the city’s swankiest suburbs.

The home’s vibrant artwork and funky décor carry through to the downstairs man cave, which is styled like an upscale retro bar and features comfortably worn leather armchairs and a sleek pool table; it’s just the place to kick back with a beer.

Masters Victorian Mansion: South Carolina

The Accommodations:

Sleeps 9, $600/Night

A fitting getaway for the golfer in your life, this stunning Victorian home is located on the 13th green of Cedar Creek golf course and just down the road from Augusta National Golf Club, where the Masters Tournament is played each year.

The four-bedroom rental’s cozy man cave features built-in bookcases, a wine fridge and a 55’ curved TV—perfect for catching all the action on the Golf Channel.

Whit’s End Cabin: California

The Accommodations:

Sleeps 14, $395/Night

This recently renovated Lake Tahoe retreat may look snug from the outside, but don’t be deceived; the five-bedroom family cabin is not only spacious, but also loaded with unexpected amenities like an indoor sauna, 500 square feet of deck space and a full chef’s kitchen.

The downstairs game room (complete with a pool table, wet bar and media center) is family-friendly during the day, but easily doubles as entertainment space for adults after the kids have been tucked in.

Villa Magnifico: Mexico

The Accommodations:

 Sleeps 10, $875/Night

Three fully equipped kitchens, 10 bedrooms and an alfresco dining table set for 24 make Villa Magnifico just the right size to comfortably accommodate large families or groups of friends. It’s hard to beat the incredible views of the Bay of Banderas, but the man cave in this rental—which occupies an entire floor—certainly gives the Riviera landscape a run for its money.

Whether you’re a pool master or card shark, the billiards, poker, roulette and football tables should keep you entertained for hours (and that doesn’t even take the high-tech home theater into account.)

Phillips Ridge: Wyoming

The Accommodations:

Sleeps 10, $9,285/Night

Surrounded by ancient trees and clear mountain streams, this luxury lodge doesn’t come cheap, but it does overlook some of the country’s wildest and most beautiful landscape.

Your favorite outdoorsman will appreciate the nearby hiking paths and well-stocked rivers as much as the jaw-dropping man cave, which features a casual pub with a billiards table and a two-lane cosmic bowling alley.

Some of the home’s more unique amenities include an intricately carved bar and an indoor hot tub modeled after Yellowstone’s Grand Prismatic Spring (yes, really).

Sturgis Rally Retreat: South Dakota


Sleeps 12, $1,200/Night

If your favorite biker is bound for the annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, this five-bedroom home set on five acres in South Dakota’s Black Hills makes for a picturesque home base.

The ground-floor man cave features a beautifully crafted wooden bar, pool table and gas fireplace and opens out onto a small, scenic patio.

Grand Vegas Getaway: Nevada

The Accommodations:

Sleeps 12, $275/Night

Located in a quiet neighborhood just 15 minutes from the buzz of the Strip, this 3,800-square-foot rental has some gambling space of its own.

The two-level entertainment room, which features a poker table overlooking the pool table below, might be the highlight of the home—but the private pool, theater room and built-in barbecue grill don’t rank far behind.

La Altagracia Villa: Dominican Republic

The Accommodations:

Sleeps 18, $3,500/Night

This Punta Cana resort villa was practically designed for the competitor-at-heart.

With a multi-use court for soccer and basketball games, plus a mini gym, three swimming pools and a Ping Pong table, the sportsman in your life will be right at home here—but so will the cigar aficionado.

This rental’s take on a man cave is actually a sophisticated smoking room with an overstuffed couch and a display case full of Cubans. Throw in the private courtyard and wood fired pizza oven, and you have all the makings of a first-class Caribbean vacation.

"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”

 -Gustav Flaubert-