Lights off Popcorns In

June 13, 2018

Lights off Popcorns In

Adding a home theater, media room or man cave is a great way to separate your home from others. For movie buffs, transforming a family room or living room into a home theater or media room is a must.

Today with the number of screens and viewing options available, creating a state of the art, beautiful home theater is more popular than ever.

Having a projector, full surround sound and theater seating means the best seat in the house is in your house! Now add in a old time popcorn machine, soda fountain, candy station or fully functional bar and you have a real movie experience right in your own home.

To begin the process of adding a home theater, media room or man cave to your house, first start with the researching the best equipment for your space. Don't for get to visit here:

Home Theater, Media Room and Man Cave Seating

Home theater seating is a very important consideration for your space. Do you want a true and authentic movie experience? Then stadium seating is a must.

Platforms and stairs can be added to mimic the tiers of movie theaters. Of course using large sectionals or reclining chairs are other good options.

Regardless of the seating approach, make sure the are comfortable above all else. More products here at

Home Theater, Media Room and Man Cave Equipment

When it comes to home theater, media room and man cave equipment, the two most important pieces are the projector and projector screen along with the right sound system.The right projector and projector screen can make or break your home theater, media room or man cave.

Do the research and find the very best projector and screen combo for your media room. Factors like lighting room size are essential to picking the correct visual components.

A high-definition television while not as large, do offer unmatched image quality. Today there are wall mounted televisions that nearly match the size of many projector screens.

Finally when considering the sound, a top of the line surround sound system is a must.

Install speakers throughout the space and using soundproof wall panels will help make the home theater experience as authentic as possible with out intruding into other spaces in the home. Read more at Man Cave Diy.

Home Theater, Media Room and Man Cave Wet Bar

No home theater or media room is complete without popcorn! Adding items like an old time popcorn maker and soda fountain can make the movie experience even better. But why stop there, adding a full concession area is the perfect finishing touch to any home theater or media room.

Finally, for man caves and more adult themed home theaters and media rooms, consider adding a fully stocked bar complete with beers on tap and a wine cellar. Check out Man Cave Bar for more tips and ideas for you Man cave.

Want the perfect home theater for your man cave? Are you in the middle of creating the ultimate Man Cave in your home or just looking to upgrade?

Sometimes, projects of this magnitude can get a little complicated, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. If that’s the case with you and your Man Cave, don’t get discouraged. Just call the experts or visit here:

Here’s how they can help you:


The centerpiece of any home theater system is a large television with great picture quality. First, you should decide what size tv you need to be the focal point of the room. Then, you can decide whether you want an LED/LCD display, or the newer OLED technology.

From this point, decide which features you need and compare the various manufacturers. The pros at HCC can help you with any part of this decision making process.

Don’t forget that many Man Caves feature more than one tv, often having additional units behind the bar or in the restroom as well so nobody misses a second of the big game!


The next feature of your Man Cave is the audio system. There’s nothing like watching football and hearing the bone-crunching hits like you’re on the field with the players!

You need to decide on a high-quality amplifier unit, some top-end speakers, the quantity that you require, and a subwoofer to handle the low end.

Remember that many speakers are now available with bluetooth technology so you may not have to run any wires through your walls.

A consultation from an audio pro can help you maximize your Man Cave’s home theater audio system.


The final touch on your new Man Cave is the furniture. For more amazing man cave furniture just click here:

Seating is available made from many different materials including leather, fabric, and suede.

Many seating systems have available reclining features, consoles, and cup holders. Strategically placed tables to hold your snacks are also important.

Tables are made from a variety of materials including metal, glass, and hardwoods to match your Man Cave’s decor. The sky’s the limit when it comes to furniture for your Man Cave.

10 Masculine and Sports-Themed Home Theaters

Every home needs a masculine retreat the man of the house can call his own. These basement home theaters are the ultimate man caves, complete with billiard tables, high-end equipment, sports memorabilia and fully stocked bars.

Gentlemen's Club

Bring out the masculine cocktails and cigars for this gentlemanly getaway. Dark wood furniture, deep red walls and regal red draperies bring a rich feel and enhance the tone of the room.

While guests are nestled in the theater room enjoying a film on the big screen, others can simply close the drapes to play a game of billiards.

Natural Getaway

For those that love being outdoors, this rustic home theater and fully stocked bar is ideal.

Wood-paneled ceilings and natural stone accents help bring a warm feel to the space, while evenly placed recessed lights prevent the room from feeling dark and enclosed.

Hollywood Style

With stunning interior architectural details and high-end furnishings, this home theater/game room was made for entertaining.

Nestled in a private viewing area, the home theater features cozy seating and an extra-large flat-screen TV.

For those seeking more activity, a billiard table and other amenities are just a few feet away.

Rustic Gathering

This rich home theater and lounge area from DIY Blog Cabin 2009 provides a relaxed space for intimate conversation and big-screen movie nights.

The natural stone wall, wood sideboard and lantern-style sconces make you feel like you're enjoying the great outdoors in the comfort of your home.

Ready to Entertain

In this basement home theater, the extra-large projection screen is the star of the show. The rich gold draperies keep out the sunlight for daytime movie viewings, while a slew of recessed lights brighten up the space at night.

Wild, Wild West

This home theater is perfect for reclaiming his inner cowboy or his love for all things Western. The U-shaped sectional ensures there's plenty of room for the family.

And even if you're not a fan of the Old West, you'll immediately feel comfortable surrounded by deep orange walls and warm furnishings.

Sports Center

For the ultimate sports fan, this home theater, kitchen and bar may even be better than real 50-yard-line seats.

Chrome accents and a black and white color scheme bring a modern edge to this in-home sports center.

With flat-screen TVs lining the wall, you're sure to never miss a game.

Futuristic Feel

You'll immediately feel like you stepped into the future when entering this modern, black and white home theater. Guests can enjoy lounging in these cozy recliners while taking in the expansive projection screen along the back wall. And with this minimalist look, you won't discover a single distraction.

Traditional Theater

Replicate the feel of a traditional movie theater with a simple design, sconces and stadium-style seating.

The enclosed space will make you feel like you've gone to the cinemas without stepping foot outside your home.

Sports Retreat

Every day is game day in this sports-themed home theater and game room. The feel of football is felt around the room with an AstroTurf-style floor, genuine stadium seats and plenty of Washington Redskins memorabilia to declare a fanaticism for the team.

Accessorizing Your Theater Room

Ok, so you have your furniture – or it’s on order - for your man cave theater room.

Now how do you go about making it look like the theater room of your dreams?

It’s time to add in the fun accessories and useful pieces of accent furniture to give you the look and feel your family and friends will want to enjoy for many years to come.

Here are some ideas to make your dream theater room a reality.

Have you ever heard of a “Theater bar”? A theater bar is a long rectangular counter, bar height table or walk up bar.

Sitting at 36” or 42” high it’s generally used with barstools and located right behind a sofa or row of theater seats.

1.) Theater Bars and Tables come in a variety of different styles to suite your needs. If you opt for a slightly deeper top, say 30-36”, the table could be used freestanding with seating on both sides.

This is a great accent piece to a theater room that opens up to a lower level game room.

2.) A customer favorite is the “Theater Arm”. It’s an ingenious way to get cup holders on a sofa or sectional that otherwise wouldn’t have that option. There are three major reasons why this is a fan fav.

The Theater Arm comes with a fin-like piece on the bottom that wedges itself in between two cushions. This keeps it steady enough to keep your drink upright.
This is available in literally hundreds of leathers and fabrics. You’re sure to find one that matches or coordinates with your sofa.
The fact that it’s removable. Take it in and out as much as you please. Out when you have company and in when it’s movie night. Best of both worlds!

3.) Popcorn in essential to movie watching. Indulge with movie theater style popcorn made fresh with a popcorn popper. Available in 4 and 8 oz. poppers to sit easily on top of a counter or table.

Set the popper on a traditional red cart for old school ambiance. Opt for delicious movie style buttered popcorn conveniently packaged in a tri-pack.

Looking for a healthier treat?

You can still make your own fresh popcorn with kernels and oil.

4.) Movie posters are almost a necessity when completing a theater room. It’s a way of adding a personal touch to your room by choosing your favorite movies.

Custom framed posters are available in almost every movie made.

(Peters Billiards keeps many of these posters in-stock and ready for pick-up.)

Step it up to another level with marquee movie posters that replicate what you would find at your local multiplex. These can be hardwired into your electrical and can be customized with your family name, your choice of finish, etc.

5.)Add ambiance with mood lighting such as LED lighting in your theater seating, star ceilings, accent sconces, and cinema signage lights. It’s important to layer your lighting, even in a theater room.

You’ll want lighting to cover these 3 categories:

6.) Decorative accessories such as aisle ropes and candy counters add a spark of fun and fantasy to the room. Kids (and adults) will fall in love with a “real” theater like feel.

7.) Additional seating is sometimes necessary when you have a large crowd.

Stools can be paired with a pub table or lined up behind a theater bar.

Choose something with a swivel for easy in and out, a back to lean on and of course a plush seat pad for maximum comfort.

Ottomans can also serve as dual purpose while giving you extra seating and the opportunity to show off your personal design style .

Make it a storage ottoman to store blankets and pillows to snuggle in or to hide away remotes and gaming controllers.

8.)Let’s decorate! Completing your room with a few key pieces of artwork will give it the final touch.

From decorative signage to film reels to mini-waiters, pick a design style and go wild.

Decorative artwork doesn’t have to be theater related. Add a punch of color with a clock, pots, modern art, or whatever design you want.

At the end of the day that is your cave so do what ever you want to make your cave amazing .

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