Luxurious Man Cave Designs and Ideas

June 27, 2018

Luxurious Man Cave Designs and Ideas

It is very safe to say that some men have dreamt of what his man cave would look like. Whether he imagined it as a set in a Batman movie, or a room filled with signed sports stuff. There are a couple of things a man can do to make a man cave that stands out from the rest because he just got to have his own space.

What’s exciting is that this space can be just about any nook of the house. Even though mainly used as a sanctuary where the man of the house can get away and have the chance to appreciate his collection of possessions in peace, man caves do also have their extra benefits.

They make for a great abode to have friends for a card game or some drinking session, and they are always useful as a safe haven to watch a very special sports match or movie without disturbance.

To simply sum it up, a man cave is where he goes to relax, have a moment to himself, play his favorite video game and sport, or just simply do nothing.

In the past, men usually build or create their man caves in the basement, garage or sometimes in the garden shed.

Today though, man caves are usually the priority when it comes to building a luxury home. It is a distinct project when you are on the development process of your home.

They are fast becoming as popular add on just like a personal home gym or swimming pool.

This year many people will be changing or rearranging their homes just to have a luxury man cave. So if you’re one of them, here are a few tips to keep in mind before splurging to your very own luxury space.


The location of your man cave will depend a lot on where you can get extra space in the house. In some cases, people who are still building their homes they specifically instruct where to put the man cave.

If you have extra money you don’t just refurbish a basement, garage or the shed. You build this room from scratch and make sure that it’s cozy, comfortable and well insulated.

An extra or unused den can also be made as long as it is secluded. Some people who have limited space can also create their own too for there are many man cave ideas for small rooms.

But anywhere you place it, what is most significant is the feeling of solitude and own space.


Whatever your take on the perfect man cave, this active space should be uniquely your own. Take the chance to show any novelties and treasures you’ve collected over the years, from sports collectibles, car models, film artworks, football shirts, you name it no one will question what you put in there.

This is your personal space so you can do exactly what you wish and you’re free to decorate all that you want without being offensive to the rest of your home’s aesthetics.

Before spicing up your man space, here are some of the basic spots in it that you should think of decorating first.

Storage - Every boy has his toys. A man cave must have an all-purpose shelves and cabinets for perishables, breakables and other stuff, an abundance of storage is a key.

Walls - How you choose to decorate your walls contributes significantly to the overall look and feel of your man cave. For a bold and masculine vibe, build an accent wall. Cover your wall in stones, or experiment with textured or patterned wallpaper.

If you prefer a more classic, timeless look for your male only den consider adding burlap-wrapped panels trimmed with bronze or warm wood paneling. Check this also: The Classy Old Timer’s Retreat

Remember, your walls should display your passions, interests and past experiences.

Love to travel? Consider hanging an antique map or a travel poster.

Movie buff? Try out a vintage film poster.

Use shelves or a display case to exhibit trophies, collectibles, and other memorabilia. After all, a man cave is a better place for your antique toy car collection than a living room.

Floors - When styling your man cave, it’s important to research and carefully select every detail of the space, including the floors. Whether you prefer the timeless look of wood flooring or the soft feel of a plush carpet, be sure to choose flooring that is easy to clean and fits your needs.

If you want a more sophisticated or polished look, you may think about putting in hardwood floors.

An oak flooring is highly suggested, it can be resistant to scratches and dents and a great choice for those who don’t require a fancy area rug.

Another remarkable option is mahogany flooring since it’s not only seen as timeless and classic, but also sturdy and resistant to water.

The location of your man cave is something to consider as well when you install the flooring.

For example, if you choose to make your basement as the location, a carpet will be a great asset. It will not only create warmth and appeal to your area, but will also diminish the sound echo. But if you choose to put in carpeting, keep in mind that it will need proper care.

Of course, carpets that are durable is highly recommended, like those made of burlap or nylon, because it will clean up nicely after a raucous sport’s night.

Man Cave Ideas

A man cave must be the inner refuge of every guy’s home – a dream play area that is perfect for drinking scotch, puffing cigars, and watching the game with friends.

And because every man’s personality and preference is different, their man caves will be exceptional and personalized too. Here are some man cave ideas and themes we’ve collected that may help you someday.

For the Sporty!

Being a sports fan is one of the manliest of all masculine hobbies, so why not have a man cave decorated with your love of sports? You can put a pool table, a dartboard, a pinball machine, and its game time!

Sports Memorabilia

Most men install their own man caves to watch sports.

Man caves and sports go together like bars and beer.

Well if you are spending the funds to create your own den, you have one or two classic bits of sports memorabilia dangling around your home. You can visit Man Cave Sports for more ideas.

When you are watching your favorite game, you might as well be surrounded by it.

Many man caves are usually used to watch sports with friends. If he loves watching sports he might as well be surrounded by it too.

A man cave room filled with all your favorite sports collectibles is simply like living in your very own sports museum. But then there are those sports fanatics that would devote their man cave room solely to a specific sport that they love or are in to. See also: Sports Themed Man Cave

They can design the room dedicated to basketball, football, hockey, and baseball, etc. Check out for more man cave items!

Sports Man Cave Essentials

Being a sports fanatic does not only need the design of the room to be on point, but to also include the general vibe.

And it means, it area should serve all your needs whether you are watching a game or hanging out with your friends.

See below essentials that may help you start up your sporty man cave and keep everyone entertained.

For the Hunter!

This type of man cave are for those who are or those who want to get in touch with the wilderness.

Mostly those who are suburbanized or city dwellers who wishes to hang on to their connection to the wilds, would appreciate this type.

Like all other Man Caves, it needs to have a specific design or theme that devotes true to its vibe.

For example:

Having a prized game trophy as the centerpiece of the cabin, or some point buck, elks, and other game animals to style and polish the room.

Throw in some vintage leather, wooden furniture, and albums with hunting pictures to put into display, and of course, a fireplace!

Others would also include an area with their personal armory showcasing their collection of rifles, handguns, and hunting gears. But you have to keep in mind at all times, Safety First! So you need to display proper gun storage, and lock them up unloaded. For more ideas check this also: Hunter’s Man Cave

For the Racer!

You can say this is one of the Classics!

An ideal man cave that exhibits man’s relationship with his machine.

This is also one thing that can steal a man’s heart away from a beautiful lady – a Classic or Vintage Car.

The decors would mostly encompass a retro vibe, complete with diner booths, checkered flooring and checkered flags. A garage would make a great classic car man cave to convert to.

Then to really rev up the room, you can put in a classic car body from a junkyard that you have polished. Just cut off the truck and either attach it to your wall or leave it in the center of the room.

Men would love to get their hands on a classic car of their choice like a 1969 Mustang, a 1963 Sting Ray, or the Chevrolet Camaro. This theme celebrates a timeless relationship of man and a vintage car.

It allows guys to muse over the object they had as a child.

For the Gambler!

What happens in Vegas… – Oops, what happens in the man cave stays in the man cave.

A Vegas-themed room is often thought of by people who are not necessarily playing in casinos but those who desire an exciting Vegas led life.

Gambling is just part of it, but you will have to think twice if you want to put in a stripper pole in the corner with some dancing lights.

The greatest fix ture to this kind of room will be a Poker Table.

This is a great place to chill with your friends one night in a week, just playing poker, smoking cigars, play catch up, and the like.

Aside from the poker table, you may consider adding blackjack tables as well or even a pool table.

Then it will even be great if it also has a bar table with a mini fridge to store drinks and food.

If you are going to go big with the room, try lining up some slot machines along the wall, and it will feel like you are really in Vegas.

Keep In Mind!

One important note to keep in mind, Casinos purposely keep clocks off the wall, so you can also do the same to your man cave. Ban them!

As there is no definite origin of the actual ‘man cave’ somewhere along the times, somebody elected that Man needed a special area to unwind, relax, and be undisturbed.

Some early man cave ideas went from hand-me down sofa, an old or battered TV, and an old or unused fridge.

But it is no longer the case for modern times.

Now once you got a concept or theme in mind, you can start to splurge to your heart’ s content.

From buying brand new game tables, mounting projectors and large TV screens, to renovating the entire garage or basement or installing an indoor swimming pool – the list is endless. You can say, sky is the limit!

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