Man Cave Bedroom Designs

May 7, 2018

Man Cave Bedroom Designs

Transform a bedroom, regardless of size, into your own personal retreat. Entertain friends or simply lock yourself in your man cave to relax, read or enjoy sports on television.

Design a man cave with complete disregard for the needs of others; it is a place for you and those whom you invite. Choose a theme and design your man cave around it.

A man cave is a work in progress that can be added to whenever you please.
You can also check the article CUSTOMIZING A MAN’S CAVE for more ideas in designing you own man cave.

How to Design a Man’s Bedroom With Black Furniture:

Black furniture is ideal for a man’s bedroom because it conveys stability, strength and sophistication – is compatible with many decor styles including traditional, rustic, Asian-inspired or modern.

Choosing your own window treatments, bed dressings, floor and wall finishes, along with accessories, should express a man’s lifestyle and personal taste. Create a file of paint samples, fabric swatches and inspirational images to guide the decorating choices for a bedroom that has manly appeal. Visiting online stores such as at, can be a great help in accessorizing your man cave.

Traditional Furniture and Decor

Traditional bedrooms are characterized by heavy furniture with decorative carvings, pale walls and carpeting, and symmetrical room arrangements to create a unified backdrop for a coordinating black bedroom set.

You can turn the room’s mood masculine with fabrics and wallpaper in subtle stripes, foulard prints or tone-on-tone geometric patterns. Framed pictures with the look created by old masters, such as maps, portraits or a still life handsomely accessorize the traditional man’s bedroom.

Country or Rustic

For a man’s bedroom with country or rustic appeal, select black furniture with a more rustic or hand-hewn appearance. Textured plaster walls and wood flooring topped by a braided rug add to the look.

Bed coverings and window dressings in a buffalo check or flannel plaid, and a trading or wool blanket at the foot of the bed complement the decor scheme. Continue the rustic look with lamps and chairs made of wood, wrought iron or dark metal. Accessorize with outdoor scenes, hunting decoys (such as: .303 Rifle ) or sports memorabilia. Check also: Hunters’ Man Cave for more ideas in designing your man cave.


Asian-inspired rooms include highly lacquered black furniture. Richly outfit Chinese-influenced bedroom decor by adding Oriental rugs, carved wooden furniture and brocade fabrics in red, black and gold.

In contrast, a Japanese-inspired or Zen theme aims for a serene, spare look with plain walls and wood or tatami-covered floors.

The bed consists of a mattress or futon on a low platform, covered with textured, handwoven blankets in a neutral color. Add an accent color via throw pillows on the bed and a Japanese-styled print above the dresser


Clean-lined black furniture inspires a modern man’s bedroom with minimal ornamentation. Neutral backgrounds such as white and charcoal gray complement the modern decor theme.

Add color and interest with an over-sized art piece – an abstract painting – displayed on the focal wall. Echo one or two of the painting’s colors in a throw pillow on the bed, a lampshade or side chair. Lamps and other accessories with a sculptured, futuristic design and modern finish, such as stainless steel, complete the look . See also: The Fashion-Conscious Dude

List That Every Guy Should Have In His Bedroom:

The bedroom — it might just be the most important room in your whole apartment. And if it’s not, it’s definitely the place where you spend the most time. That means you owe it to yourself to create a serene space. In order for that to be, you’ll need to fill it with things. Not luxurious things, just basic necessities every bedroom needs to function as a place to sleep and relax.

A good mattress is absolutely indispensable.

You’ll be sleeping on it (almost) every day of the year, so don’t skimp here. You’ll sleep better, and you’ll feel so much better waking up every day.

A good sheets (that actually match) tie the entire room together.

While we’re investing in your bed, it’s important to remember the value of good sheets. After all, they’re going to be what touches your skin all 365 days of the year. Just remember to wash them every week or two.

Alarm Clock

If you’re wondering why every time your coworker’s phone rings it makes you shudder, it’s probably because your alarm clock and their ring tone are the same sound. Avoid that with a real alarm clock on your bedside table. You deserve it. Plus, it makes you look responsible.

A Table Lamp

The days of bumping your shins into things after you turn off the overhead light should be behind you.

A Nightstand

To Put It All On.There’s nothing worse than not having a bedside table on which to place objects like your phone, magazines, books, alarm clock, and bedside lamp.

A Full-Length Mirror

There’s nothing worse than getting to work and noticing your pants and shirt don’t match — at all. It could have been avoided if only you’d looked in the mirror before you left.

Ensure this never happens to you again with a full-length mirror either hung on a wall or left freestanding. More mirror that fits for your man cave bedroom just click here:

Artwork to brighten up the walls.

Art isn’t just for the living room, you know. Cover the bare walls of your bedroom with some original art or printed photos.

It will really help bring the room together and avoid that “bachelor pad” vibe.

A Candle to Bring Out your Sensitive Side.

We’re not talking Yankee Candle here — we’re talking something that’s usually used as an accent piece on your dresser or bedside table, best saved for special occasions.

A set of wireless speakers

This is one of those things that will just make your bedroom so much more comfortable.

Try a set of speakers that can be controlled with an app in your phone. Whether the mood is partying or something more intimate, make sure you can set the right track.

Interior Decor Ideas for a Single Man’s Bedroom

A single man’s bedroom is referred to his ‘cave’ in the interior design fraternity. It is a place to which he retires after a long and hard day at work. It could be minimalist or even rustic, and should underline the man’s personal idea of style. If you are a bachelor looking for inspiration to design your bedroom, try to recollect the best hotel room you’ve lived in. Men often look for features inspired by automotive design, but in spite of all, it should be cozy and comfortable. Read on for some effective advice on a single man’s bedroom.

Comfort is a Must in a Man’s Bedroom

Quality, comfortable furniture has to be bought keeping both form and function in mind. If you are going for a bedside chair, get a lounge chair or one built with a cup holder in the handle.

Bean bags could seem comfortable from a distance, but they haven’t really been designed keeping the human form in mind. Stay away of them and get a Barcelona Chair as it affords the utmost comfort. Rather than splurging on the wall unit, get a comfortable mattress.

Go for Decor that Offers Functionality

Simplicity is synonymous with masculinity, at least when it comes to wanting to have the best interior design in Singapore. Bachelors’ bedrooms should have a careful combination of furniture and decor.

You can also visit here for more amazing man caves furniture. The must-haves of a young man’s bedroom are a basic bed in grays and other solid colors. Angular lines offer more masculinity.

A little leather chair looks great in the bedroom. Have a tidy dressing area and cupboard component alongside. You could alternately have a black-and-white themed bedroom and a lounge chair beside the bed.

Neutral colors are a good choice

Neutral colors are a man’s best friend. They are a safe choice and are versatile. They also let a man host others in his bedroom and accommodate their style. White, black and gray are great choices.

If you want to add additional colors, it is better to do so by way of artwork or wall decor instead of getting gaudy colored bedding. Some feel that gray and black get too cold for a bedroom, so it can be suitably evened out by using natural fabrics like wool and linen.

Some tips on wall decor

A single man’s bedroom interior design is incomplete without a great wall decor theme, and this can be done by a personal touch. The wall in your bedroom is a space where you can flaunt both, your personal style, and your accomplishments.

Paper ephemera, including vintage maps, photographs and other collections adorn your walls beautifully. Other ideas for interesting wall decor are framed news clips, historical pictures, posters and even paintings.

Try Adventurous and Unconventional Interior Designs

Attic style bedrooms are preferred by many single men these days, simply because of the combination of unconventionality and comfort that they offer. You can create a wooden base for the slanted ceiling area, with either single beds or workstations under the slant, for a unique sleep-work combination. You can also use wood for headboards and have retractable beds. Tartan for bedding is also a recent trend.

How to Design a Bedroom in a Small Space

Whether you’re living in an apartment, an older home or a compact new home, you can create a relaxing and beautiful bedroom in a small space.

Small bedrooms can be functional and comfortable for children, teens or adults and can even offer enough space for a couple to share.

Smart planning, ample storage and thoughtful styling are all critical to small-space bedroom design. Check this also: The Little, The Better.

Choose a Color

If you’re choosing a color for a small bedroom, you can opt to go in one of two very distinct directions. You may want to choose a very light shade to brighten the room and create the appearance of a larger space.

Shades of white, pale blue, light gray or pale yellow can all create a light and bright small room. While light colors will make your space appear brighter and larger, you can also opt for a dark shade or a jewel tone.

Dark, rich colors will create a warm and cozy feeling in a small bedroom. Go for an opulent look with jewel tones or opt for a more modern feel with an elegant gray tone.

Smart Storage

Adequate storage is essential in a small bedroom, particularly if your small bedroom is accompanied by inadequate closet space. Choose pieces for your room that incorporate storage, including small chests in place of nightstands and beds with drawers underneath.

One of the most effective ways to add storage in a small bedroom is to create a wall of built-ins surrounding your bed. A wall of built-in cabinetry can provide ample space for storage while taking up next to no floor space. Well-designed built-ins can even incorporate nightstands and lighting.


The largest item in most bedrooms is, of course, the bed. While a king-size bed may be indulgent, if you’re living in a small space, it may also take up the entire room. Depending upon your needs it may be worth it to go big, but downsizing to a queen, full or, if you’re sleeping alone, even a twin bed will free up floor space for other furnishings.

Lighting and Decor

Lighting can affect how your room looks and feels. Choose warm, soft lighting for your room rather than harsh or bright lights.

Whether you’ve opted for light or dark shades on the walls and in the furnishings, the right lighting will help your small room feel cozy rather than confining.

Hang mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space and incorporate a piece or two of artwork you love into your small bedroom to create a small space that feels like you belong there.

Overall Layout

Choose a layout for the room that maximizes walking space as well as keeps any windows unblocked. Place the bed – the largest furniture piece – in the center of one wall in the room to create a focal point. Avoid placing the bed in a corner, which would emphasize the small size of the bedroom.

Put the dresser – the second largest furniture piece – on the opposite wall to the bed to bring balance to the space. Avoid placing all of the furniture on one side of the room or overcrowding the room. More useful tips and ideas at Man cave bedroom designs.

Color Scheme

Choose a light color scheme for the bedroom to give the illusion of a larger space – pastels, neutrals and light hues are ideal – and avoid dark colors on the walls. Darker colors make the room appear smaller and uninviting.

Reminder !!!

Avoid a round or oval-shaped bed.

Bed should always have a head rest. Never keep a window open behind your head when sleeping.

Avoid a round ceiling above the bed.

Never sleep under an overhead beam.

Refrain from hanging photographs of deceased ancestors on the wall.

Do not place the temple in the bedroom.

Remove all broken or chipped items.

Keep door of attached toilet shut when not in use.

Mop the floor at least once a week with sea salt added to the water as it removes negative energy.

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