Man Cave Layout

June 29, 2018

Man Cave Layout

The man cave design is the owner’s personal signature that his space belongs to him. Every man cave has it’s own personality that reflects the owner’s tastes, style, and hobbies.

Let’s explore some common themes. Developing a lay out for your man cave will help you envision your cave ahead of time and design your sanctuary more efficiently and accurately.

Measuring the dimensions of your room and furniture will ensure that you can obtain the look and feel you desire.Its also important to choose and think the right lay outs in making your desired man cave. For best man cave ideas visit Man Cave Design Ideas.

Making lay outs and blueprints will help you identify what to do and how to start your ideal man cave. This article will guide you to choose the right stuff for you man cave, also things to consider and most important are those some tips that could help you decide in making your own man cave. Don’t forget to click here:

Lay Out Your Own Man Cave

No matter the size of your home, it’s important to have a space of your own to relax and do what you love best.

While the concept behind a man cave is by no means a new one, having a dedicated dude space has certainly gained popularity in recent years.

Are you ready to devote a room to the pursuit and enjoyment of your favorite things?

These tips will help you plan, create and care for the man cave of your dreams. Or visit Man Cave Market 2018 for more Lay out and designs for your man cave.

Set Your Man Cave Goals and Decide on a Theme

    First things first, what kind of man cave do you want to create?

    Whether you want to create the perfect gaming hideout or build a DIY workshop, figure out what you want from your man cave.

    Your man cave theme should be a reflection of you or something you love, like your favorite sports team, surfing, or a period in history.

    Your theme will help guide how you decorate, furnish and customize your cave.

    Make a Layout and Select Furniture

      To really maximize space in your man cave, make a layout.

      This will help you figure out what you can fit, where your existing furnishings will go and what you’ll still need to buy.

      You need to find out what you need in order to maximize the area of your place.

      Since you’ll likely be spending a great deal of time there, your man cave furniture should be at that perfect intersection of comfortable and functional.

      Even if you don’t have a lot of space, a well-placed reclining chair is the perfect way to kick up your feet and relax in your man cave. Don’t forget to click here:

      Make it Yours. Customize!

        Now the fun really begins!

        Adding custom accents and man cave décor is what will really make this space your own.

        The man cave is a great place to express yourself and find fun pieces that coordinate with your theme. So you can finally add details on your own ideas.

        Decorating your man cave doesn’t have to happen all at once. Give yourself time to add decorative elements that fit well with your theme and round out the space.

        Plus, if you take your time, you can take advantage of a man cave.

        You can even throw yourself a man cave warming party and the guy gifts and cave décor items will roll in. It can be tough to find gifts for men, but your friends and family will love helping you decorate your man cave if you let them! See also: CUSTOMIZING A MAN’S CAVE


          Don’t interrupt quality relaxation time in your new man cave by having to constantly run out and get snacks or drinks.

          Having a dedicated snack stash and some sort of fridge in a man cave is essential.

          While having a nice place refreshments could be additional stuffs to enjoy and have fun with good company.

          Keep it Fresh

            While each man’s cave is intended to be his own private domain, you’re probably going to want to invite your friends in to show off and share your awesome space.

            That means that you’ll want to keep your man cave looking and smelling crisp.

            Stock up on fresh smelling man candles to transform your cave from lone wolf hangout to pack-friendly in a flash.

            Also one way to keep your place fresh is use making it clean and scented all the time.

            Keep an eye out for a man candle and stock up when you get a chance. Make sure your man cave has adequate storage so you can quickly stash away a mess if guests should pop by to say hello.

            Your friends and family are sure to stop by once they find out about your awesome new space!

            Now that your man cave is complete, settle in, get comfortable and do what you love most! Don’t forget to click here:

            Things to Consider for your Man Cave Layout

            Who said that these spaces were for men only?

            Everyone loves playing billiards or knocking around a ping pong ball or air hockey puck. And that 60” flat screen TV?

            Well, it is capable of displaying family-friendly and cultural entertainment, as well as NFL and Fast and Furious 7, right?

            The spare corner that gets strong morning sunlight is a perfect spot to roll out a yoga mat. And the kids might love a section to set up an easel for watercolors or a table for crafts.

            The result is a fun, multi-purpose rec room that accommodates everyone in the family.

            Finding a Space

            It is important that you carve out a dedicated place for your new play-zone. If you try to place it in rooms where other things are happening, you will never feel like you have totally escaped.

            All of those distractions that you are trying to avoid will be hanging around and driving you mad. So, from best to worst, here are five places to locate your future fun room


            Classic man caves, just like real caverns, are located underground.

            Deep within the earth, the basement provides a temperature - moderate, sound-insulated space.

            If you are lucky enough to have a full basement, that space will be the same square footage as the floor above.

            One problem with locating your mancave in a basement is that the basement must be finished before you can even begin installing the mancave.

            Finishing a basement is laborious. It entails building out wall framing with wood or steel studs; insulating, wiring, and covering with drywall; laying sub-floor and finish floor covering; installing drywall on the ceiling; and wiring lights and receptacles. Don’t forget to click here:

            Spare Room

            Using a spare bedroom for the mancave gives you one overwhelming advantage over the basement: it is already finished, so you can get started right away on decorating.

            Spare rooms always have code-compliant electrical wiring and lighting already in place.

            Some rooms might even have an attached bathroom. Raucous mancave noise percolating to the rest of the house, or vice-versa, can be a problem.

            But this is remedied with simple sound-proofing techniques, such as installing a second layer of drywall on shared walls.


            While a garage may seem like the perfect place for the mancave, think of this: where does the car go?

            Consider also that garage conversions usually bring down the value of your property when you decide to sell.

            Home buyers tend to look down on conversions, mentally calculating how much less money to offer in the transaction to cover mancave-demolition costs.

            On the other hand, there is a growing trend towards using garage space for storage – and not for storing the car. If you’re not going to use it for vehicle storage, the space might as well become a leisure area. That aside, garages are great spaces for your mancave.

            Many garages are already minimally finished with basic drywall, receptacles, and one or two lights, though finish flooring is always lacking. One other advantage that other spaces cannot touch: the big garage door. When weather is favorable, you can swing it up and open your mancave to the world.

            Walk-In Closet

            Walk-in closets represent the finest in the art of making do.

            Turning a walk-in closet into a mancave demonstrates true creativity and builder’s spirit.

            The closet’s main downside is obvious: it is small, often no more than 16 square feet. But tiny can work to your advantage.

            For one, you have less surface area to finish, so your project cost will be greatly reduced.

            This means you can upgrade the quality of your materials by using real hardwood veneer panels, architectural stone, solid hardwood flooring, or textured wall panels. Don’t forget to visit here:


            Attics are not “upper-level basements.”

            There is a reason basement finishing is a billion-dollar industry, yet few companies take on attic finishing: they are difficult to work with.

            Sub-flooring must be built on open joists, and often those joists require additional support to accommodate the increased dead and live loads of your mancave.

            Also, there is the small matter of those slanted walls.

            While you cannot entirely eliminate them, you can mitigate their effect by building short knee walls around the perimeter to disguise the low, acute-angle areas where the roof meets the floor.

            Laying It All Out

            The best-case scenario: you have a large finished basement. All essential services – electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling – are in place, freeing your inner designer to create the fantastic mancave of your dreams.

            Second-best: you have a large basement (not a crawlspace) with a poured concrete floor.

            Begin your layout by prioritizing key areas that define this as a fun place to hang out. Two must-haves for many homeowners: a wet bar and a media area for your TV or video projector screen.

            For many, these two items “Make” the mancave. But why not add extra areas?

            Tips to Creating and Laying Out your Man Cave

              You need some all your pub tables, bars, recliners, air hockey tables, pool tables, dart boards, etc.

              Draw up your Plans.

              Get out your tape measure and a piece of graph paper and measure out your space. Make sure you get every nook and cranny including windows and stairs.

              Arrange your Man Cave.

              Use the floor plan software to work out the details such as where you will put furniture, TV, bar etc. The software makes it easy to move items around to see where it fits best.

              Make your list of materials.

              Once you have your layout figured out it’s time to make a list of all the materials you will need. If you’re not sure how to do this you can take your Man Cave Floor Plan to your local hardware store where they will help you.

              For the hard stuff hire a licensed contractor.

              For the electric, plumbing and HVAC work you will need a licensed contractor unless you’re a very experienced Do-It-Yourselfer.

              Step by Step List.

              Now make yourself a step by step list of the order you will be completing each step of the project. Set a date you plan on completing each step, always good to have goals.


              Enlist the help of family and friends. When you have the Man Cave finished you’ll know who to invite over first.

              Welcome to the Man Cave Club.

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