Respect My Rules

June 11, 2018

Respect My Rules

For a man aspiring to receive a little alone time, a man cave rules sign or poster on the door helps everyone understand your needs. A list of man cave rules tells both family and guests where you set the limits in your lair.

As you cave it up in your room, these rules form naturally over time. However—at least for aesthetic purposes—it helps to start out with a set of basic rules. Man cave rules form an integral part of both the design and purpose of your man cave.

Rules of the Man Cave

These are some rules to take care of the essentials of any mantuary. Anyone who says otherwise clearly knows nothing about the concept of man caves.

Some of these form some funny man cave rules, but we promise, they all work in your favor. Don't forget to click here:

The room belongs to you and you alone.
You choose all decorations and products. Of course, you also pay out of pocket if your wife doesn’t want to fund your dream room! It’s only natural that your effort equals your ownership

Making Your Man Cave Rules Sign

A man cave rules metal sign looks spectacular, but proves difficult to create on your own.

For do-it-yourselfers, try using wood signs and burning the text yourself.

The tools to do so are fairly accessible and affordable.

The burner works just like drawing with a pencil, except hotter. Way hotter.

Artists hang around online and take custom commissions, including man cave signs, in all kinds of materials. Don't forget to click here:

Purpose Of Man Cave Rules

In the end, consider who ends up following these rules, and write them accordingly.

A man cave with kids close by might want a ‘this tall to enter’ sign, while someone just looking for some peace and quiet could use a blanket ‘don’t come in unless you’re bleeding’ man cave rule sign.

Rules exist to manage behavior, not to punish it. Steer away from ‘no emotions in the cave’ and consider ‘no drama in the cave’ instead.

This helps both you and your guests feel at ease in your carefully constructed man cave!

Custom Man Cave Signs Help You Mark Your Territory!

Let's face it guys, your man cave is sacred! It is the one (and in many cases the) only room, that you have all to yourself and your close gang of friends. Why not make it all your own with a custom man cave sign.

Mark your territory with a customized man cave sign, letting all that enter, know who's in charge. Showcase your alma mater, whether high school or college, with pride. Show your support for your favorite professional sports team with custom colors or sports logos.

Celebrate your roots by creating landmark or street signs of places you have lived or happen to be a fan off. Remember Paul Brown Stadium, your visit to the Space Needle or the infamous Abbey Lane. Create a great vintage feel in your man cave by selecting a custom man cave sign celebrating your favorite brands, activities or hobbies. But not to be forgotten is the ever-popular "No Girls Allowed" signs, perfect for any man cave and its dwellers.

Some options for Custom Man Cave Signs:

Aluminum: Custom aluminum signs are strong, lightweight and super durable. Aluminum is the thinnest of all metal sign composites.
Alumalite: Alumalite is a metal sign panel made of a corrugated plastic core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sign boards.
Dibond: Dibond is a metal sign panel made of a solid plastic core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sign boards.
ARMOUR-Wood: ARMOUR-Wood is a metal sign panel made of a solid wood core sandwiched between 2 aluminum sign boards. This is the strongest metal sign composite.
Coroplast: These are made from a durable corrugated plastic and are therefore extremely lightweight. They are also waterproof, making them preferable to foam core mounting board, and more professional looking than poster board.
Dura-Wood: These classic wooden signs are still popular for a number of reasons. They are extremely strong and weather resistant. We also use rot-safe wood.

What Every Woman Should Know About The Man Cave

Like most dogs have kennels, most men have man caves. Whether's it's a full on pimped out, dedicated room with fully stocked bar and flat screen TV with surround sound or a greasy smelling, dark and cold spot corner in the garage, it's a place he goes to chillax and think about nothing.

While typically most man caves are not out of bounds to us women folk, it pays to be invited and even then, there are man cave rules one must adhere too for the sanity of one's relationship.

The Rules

The man is always right

Even if he's wrong, while he's in his cave, he is right. Anyone who dares to disagree with the man or this rule will be forcibly evicted and placed on a lifetime ban from re-entering the cave.

Always wait for an invitation to enter

Entry to the man cave is by way of invitation. The only exception to the rule is if you come bearing gifts in the form of beer or pizza. Visitors who arrive empty-handed will be refused entry.

Never comment on the state of cleanliness

Your suggestions on disposing of old pizza boxes or beer bottles, or giving the room a quick tidy up are not welcome. If the mess bugs you, you know where the door is.

Never ask "what are you thinking about?"

The answer will be nothing, which will upset you because you are a woman and will never understand that it is a guy thing and they really are thinking about nothing .

No chick flicks allowed

The television is designated for sports, action movies or blood-thirsty horrors. If you want to watch a soppy romance there is a perfectly good television in the living area.

No crying allowed

The only exception to the rule is if your favourite sports team loses, then weeping, wailing and thumping the walls screaming "why?!" will be permitted.

Pizza and beer is a well-balanced meal

Under no circumstances should you try to force-feed the man and his friends anything that does not fall under the category of junk food.

Keep the chit chat to a minimum

There is to be no talk about the kids, financial worries or relationship stuff. Acceptable topics of conversation are sports, superhero powers, television, movies or what's for dinner.

Do not enter during hibernation

Men do not like to talk about their problems. They would rather hide in their cave and have you ignore them. Retreating to a cave without informing you is a sign your man is hibernating.

Just as waking a hibernating bear would result in you having your head snapped off, the same applies to entering a man cave during hibernation.

Sole possession of the remote control is a man's prerogative

Even if you have been invited into the cave to watch television with the man, he retains ownership of the remotes and is entitled to change the channel at will or channel surf at all times. Complaints will not be tolerated and may lead to immediate eviction.

Bodily functions are permissible at all times

Burping and farting loudly is allowed. Anyone who apologises for their gross behaviour will be issued with a warning.

Man cave rules are subject to change

This is at the discretion of the man. Rules may change from week to week and be based upon moods.

Some Features to consider when personalizing your Man Cave

Let’s admit it - even as children we didn’t care to share our stuff. Some of us even put our name on things to avoid them from being taken by our playmates. Luckily for all of us this is now an accepted and even celebrated practice! They call it adding your own personal touch which is a lot more politically correct than “It’s mine, not yours”.

Your sanctuary should reflect your personal style through pieces that make it feel welcoming to you and your guests. Accomplishing this can be done through unique furniture, artwork or accessories. Don't forget to visit here:

In the 70’s and 80’s, the man cave was any space (garage, unfinished basement) that your father could carve out with an old lounger and a door that he could lock. Today it can still be in those spaces, but it doesn’t have to look like a hodge podge of miscellaneous items. It can have class and be the best-looking room in the house.

Feature #1 ~ Customized Mirrors

One of our favorite ways to add a personal touch is through mirrors. Not only does it give you a place to check your hair out regularly as if you were Fonzie from Happy Days, but it also makes your space feel larger. The reflection of light will give more depth to your room. For more amazing man cave product just click here:

Feature #2 ~ Signage

Adding a unique sign can tell a story to your guests the moment they walk in the door or down the stairs. It could be a funny saying or a family motto. Whiskey barrels, for example, have increased in popularity as the wood details add an element of warmth to the space without breaking the bank.

Feature #3 ~ Glassware

Glass rhymes with class and this option is endless.

Feature #4 ~ Accessories

Have fun with your accessories! It is the little details that personalize your space that will make friends and family envy our style.

Why be normal when you can be unique? Take our cell phone flask for instance, what better way to smuggle your favorite hooch into that concert?

Feature #5 ~ Remember it is all about you!

At the end of the day your space should be all about your likes, loves and interests. It doesn’t have to match a magazine ad or resemble a storage room. Your preferences are all that matters but I hope we were able to provide some classy and unique items to your wish list.

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