The Artist's Sanctuary

July 6, 2018

The Artist's Sanctuary

When we were young, we used to draw things and doodles when we are bored or to distract ourselves, sometimes we will draw on pretty much anything, from your dad's law books to the walls in your home, sometimes we draw anything we imagine for no reason at all.

It is said that us humans needs something to let out our artistic side, and pretty much the first obvious way is that grabbing on to something that leaves a mark on surfaces and start drawing on them.

There are some industries that needs the skills and talents of an adept visual artist (so don't believe that one guy who tells you that your drawing talent will lead you to nowhere in life).

In fact, today the world needs a lot of skilled professional artists that solely rely on their drawing skills, such as:


They are the guys who designs and develops the characters, backgrounds, levels and pretty much anything that can be perceived visually for various applications in any motion graphics for TV and film, video games development, and others where animations is needed. ( so if you are into drawing and gaming, then the gaming world may need your skills to develop new games in the future!)

Fashion Designers

There’s lots of clothing like outerwear, underwear, street wear, and formal wear including shoes and accessories, and all of it needs to be designed, and if you are into designing clothes and apparel like Ralph Lauren and Giorgio Armani (the men themselves, not the brand), Fashion designers create wearables with performance, comfort, and style in mind.

Motion Graphic Designers

Motion graphic designers are the guys who adds visual effects in movies and TV shows, like exaggerating big explosions and sophisticated 3D models (like the aliens on later Aliens movies, and also exaggerating some gory scenes on horror films).

Not to be confused with animators (who do fully digital images and puts them to motion), motion graphics designers create and edit imagery in a live action shot (they also add the "skin" on mocap actors digitally), which might also contain animation and special effects.

Industrial Designers

These are the guys who designs pretty much all the products that we use, from cars to home appliances to manufactured goods.

Industrial designers needs to consider a lot of factors like function, aesthetics, and production cost, which the propose their designs to their respective project managers, and will eventually appear on the products that we use every day (let's just say that these guys designed pretty much all the famous everyday products that we use).

Art Teachers

They are the guys that inspire and encourage young visual artists. You are the guy who awakens the inner creativity of your students by guiding them to the right path, imparting your knowledge to them along the way. You are the reason why there are a lot of awesome visual artists in any field of work!

Make-up Artists

If painter have a canvas for their mediums, and animators and graphics designers have sophisticated software to make their craft, you on the other hand, have the face and body of your clients as your canvas.

Your main expertise is in cosmetic, may it be simple make-up for daily use or elaborate and complicated ones used for a science fiction movie, you got it all covered! (you are the only artist who have a real living human being as your medium, so how cool is that?)


Do you want to be the next Vincent Van Goh or Pablo Picasso and have a fine taste when it comes to painting?

Well then this job will very suit you. You can totally express yourself unhindered without the judgmental gazes of other people or beating any deadlines. Who knows, maybe your next work will worth millions in the eyes of an art critic!

Those are just the most common professions visual artists end up with.

And of course, every visual artist have their own private den where they can totally concentrate on their craft, where they can completely work in peace without the distractions from the outside world, and where they can display their precious works, ready to be revealed to the world!

The Oasis of Creativity

Of course, as an aspiring artist, you need to have your own workshop/man cave where you can practice your skills and hone your craft right?

So, here are the tips that can serve as your basis in creating your own man cave:

Just like how people judge the best liquor, the best room in the house suited for your workshop/man cave is, of course, your favorite room, may it be your own bedroom, the attic, the basement, your garage or that quite vacant guest room just beside your room.

It doesn't matter what room since we can still fix that further in the article and what is important is that this room will give you a peace of mind, a tranquil surrounding, and invokes your inner creativity out.

You need to check if the room that you have chosen have enough space for your things and for you to create your masterpieces. A wide space is ideal where fresh air can circulate and for your mind to wander around, gathering ideas as it walks by.

A messy and tight room will make you wish to stop and finish your work before it even started.

You wish to have bright colors for your walls and ceiling. Very light colors such as:

Always avoid painting your walls totally with colors such as

Neon yellow

for it actually irritates the eye and will make you feel more strained and pressed for time.


Black furniture or small accents give a great sense of power, but don’t overdo black because the end effect will be depressing and heavy, unless if you are a death metal fan.

Dark brown

it's heaviness leaves the room looking gloomy and confined. What’s more, the dark shades may make you feel unmotivated to start up your work.

Also check if the place have working electrical outlets and lightings too. (no one wants to draw in the dark, unlike if you are a masochist who wants to feel perpetual suffering). The art of color can be found here Man Cave Colours.

After checking all these things, it is now time to place in all the things you need to start your work.

The Tools For The Invocation Of Artistry

After completely painting your walls, you can now bring in your stuffs, such as:

first and foremost, bring in first your shelves and cabinets to where you will stall all your things, always categorize your items so it will be easier for you to locate them.

Bring in one cabinet for the canvases, one for all the paints needed (also categorized to different colors), one for all the canvas stands, one for the finished works and one for your tools such as brushes, paint boards and palettes.

Bring inside some tools for your man cave (or man cave stools if you like to call it). Prepare at least five of these "man cave" stools just in case other people will visit you and to look at your works.

This is also helpful for other artists aside from painters.

If you are a drafter or draftsman, you can bring in your drafting board and place a separate table that have drawers and bearing wheels where you can keep your drawing tools such as dividers, compasses, mechanical pens and pencils, erasers, rulers and so on.
For traditional animators, you can bring in your coloring materials such as coloring pencils, crayons, pastels, markers, coloring pens and so on.

You may also need a table which is specifically designed and used by animators (the one which has a light at the bottom for you to see though multiple pages of sketches, gauging the gradual movement and changes of your work).
For the industrial designer, motion graphic artist and digital animator, you may bring in your computer and other gadgets line laptop and digital graphics tablet or a graphics board.

If you don’t have an air conditioner, you may opt for an floor air cooler or install a ceiling fan. It is better to stay away from using floor mounted electric fans for they might ruin your work and fly al your sketches around.

A "man cave" recliner just in case you get really sleepy meeting deadlines and wishes to sleep on the spot. Man cave recliners are a good combination of a chill-out spot when you want to have a break and drink your afternoon tea or coffee or to sleep at night and jump right to work the following morning. (there are durable yet simple ones available at which will definitely suit your taste)

A hammock because why not right? I mean it is a good place to sleep plus you can just easily hide it if not in use.

A small table with roller wheels for feet. it is one of the most versatile furniture you will get and have a wide range of use from holding your coffee or drinking water to being an auxiliary rest for your unused tools or paint containers.

You can also place a fridge inside to keep your drinks and drinking water cold, but this is totally optional.

If you have other things that you might want to add to your workshop/man cave, then go ahead. Just make sure that you still have enough space to walk around while not accidentally tripping on something. Check out Man Cave Art Ideas for more artistic insight in building a man cave.

The Mark of an Artisan

Alright, what you have now is your basic workshop/man cave where you can do all your artistic stuff and express your mind. You can express your mind further by applying "man cave" decors and "man cave" wall art all over your room so that it can help you get more inspiration and apply it to your work.

You can buy different wall decors of your choice, I mean you are an artist so you already have a solid view on what particular decors that you will add on your man cave.

You can also make your own decors if you have the time, you don’t want to just express your creativity on only one medium right?

If you are a painter or a visual artist, you can do your very own wall art by painting the walls yourself. Nothing can beat an original work by a talented artist right?

IF you have time constraints, you can just purchase wall arts like wall paintings replica mantra wall décor and such.

You can also use your finished work and place them on your walls to give that very authentic feel and ambience on your man cave.

Always remember to keep your place clean and tidy so that you won't ruin it's beauty (and also for you not to have any accident that will possibly ruin your hard work).

If you use your artworks as wall decors and wall art, you can also make an art gallery out of your workshop/man cave where other people can gaze upon them and get mystified by the hidden meanings of your work.

Always keep in mind that art is meant to be shared to people and for them to take inspiration as well, so don’t be shy to share your work to the world.

So that's it, you don’t just have a typical workshop where you can create your finest masterpieces and artworks, but also a place for you to study, relax, chill out, unwind and to take more inspiration for your next artwork.

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