The Audiophile's Den

July 4, 2018

The Audiophile's Den

Ahh yes, music has been a part of human life since antiquity and in pretty much any culture in the world have their very own music, ranging from the most advanced civilizations to the indigenous tribes living deep in the South American forests.

Music have a lot of effects to our brains, sometimes letting you feel certain emotions like anger or joy or inducing a particular mood like being lively or sleepy.

Music is commonly used as a medium to convey certain information or emotions to the listener, and also brings back certain memories long forgotten.

Other person would favor a particular form of music over the other. Like teens back in the 80’s and 90’s who will favor the fast paced rhythm and sometimes over-exaggerated vocals of rock over the mellow tune and deep lyric meanings of ballad.

Every person has his or her own particular taste in music, and what’s important there is that no matter what people may say about you listening to your choice of music, at the end of the day, you yourself is the one who will enjoy it (and not them).

Some people will take it to the extreme by creating their own personal space full of music memorabilia’s, may it be from a particular band, a certain singer, or the vibe of a particular decade.

No matter what their choice, you can really tell that they enjoy their music and keeps them at heart.

If you are the kind of person who likes to listen to music, I bet you have your own playlist of favorite songs that you keep on shuffling all over right?

Or you even know how to play an instrument or two and you are probably a member of a band right?

Or probably you are the kind of guy who likes to collect old music vinyl, cassette tapes, music cd’s and other albums of the greatest bands and singers of the yesteryears yes?

Then why don’t you have your own personal room where you can keep your collections and also where you can practice your musical instrument without being bothered by other people or you bothering them?

I know, I know, probably you don’t have enough time to plan and build one. But if you are willing to give out a weekend or two and also have no problem with the total cost of building one, then you can have your very own music room in no time!

Then What Room Will I Choose?

The answer to that question is pretty straightforward. The perfect room to enjoy music at home is a space that you enjoy being in.

Some people prefer their bedroom to be a dedicated listening room, but you need to consider and think about other spaces in your home.

What about spaces that aren’t used as much, maybe a guest room?

Or a spare bedroom? It all depends on you. Visit Man Cave Ideas DIY for creative ideas. See also: Building Man Cave - The Garage Band Wannabees

I Got The Room, Then?

There are a lot of things that you need to consider in attaining the perfect audiophile man cave in order get the best experience every time you listen to your favorite tracks.

Factors such as:

Before proceeding with the soundproofing, you need to understand first a few things, like:

Ideal Room Size

Keep in mind the proper room size for your project. You can find this out by the music type we will be listening to.

If you will be focusing on classical music then you need to plan for frequencies that are starting at 20 Hz. and moving up from there.

If you music choice is Jazz then our room should handle low frequencies down around 30 cycles.

With rock music, 40 Hz. is a good beginning point. Let us say that you have a fine taste when it comes to classical music.

With that in mind, plan for a room that can handle sound energy down into the 20 cycle region. With that parameter, you will be fine for all other music sources.
You can also check this out: Man Cave Lay-out

Air Vibration Within the Room

The actual room’s dimensions will decide on how much sound energy that particular room you have chosen can handle.

Just think of it as a giant water bottle and we will be filling it up to the brim with sound energy. The size of our water bottle (room) ascertain how much energy it will “hold” without splitting apart at the seams. It is the air that vibrates between our room walls that causes resonances.

Watch Out For Resonances

Your proposed music man cave must be designed with the appropriate dimensions and thus room volume to minimize

Resonance is your cue when the sound does not “fit” well with the dimensions of the room (just imagine wearing an underwear one size below your normal size, it sucks right?).

Eventually something must give, an yes it will be your walls or ceiling. The room will create resonances that can smother or blur and even exaggerate certain frequency ranges associated with our music choice

After carefully adjusting the room to your liking and systematically calculating the dimensions to sound ratio to eliminate unwanted resonances, You can now proceed to adding soundproofing to your walls to eliminate noises such as:

Common outside noises:

Common equipment noises:

Common impact noises:

which include footsteps, and anything else making contact with the floor or walls.

Now that you have the basis of your Audiophile man cave, we will go now to the next step.

I Already Have The Room Prepped, Now What’s Next?

After making sure that your desired project have all the basic acoustic factors, you can now add in the furniture that you would like to have inside, such as:

Your “man cave” theater seating or your “man cave” recliner where you can sit down comfortably while listening to your favorite music and can also serve as a bed when you want to sleep inside your man cave (which are all available at )

A coffee table where you can place your drinks such as your coffee, tea, or your choice of liquor

Your smart TV where you can also watch movies and also turning your audiophile man cave into your family’s home theater.

You can add a carpet on the floor. Aside from being a nice feature where you can also lay down on the floor, it also helps absorb sound unlike the bare floor which resonates to your music.

You can add display cabinets where you can place your old music memorabilia like Elvis Presley bobble heads, vintage music gadgets like walkmans or old cassette players . Just make sure that they are made of safety glass for real glass might resonate and shatter at certain sound frequencies.

Since the room is soundproofed, Wi-Fi signals can’t get in due to the kind of material that soundproofing is made of (or sometimes you may have a very weak Wi-Fi signal inside). You can also have a dedicated modem router hooked directly to your TV and for you to have net connectivity on your smart phone or laptop while inside your man cave.

Speakers, never forget the speakers. This is the main reason why you want to have a dedicated man cave for listening music. You can set up speakers on all four corners of the room to have that surround sound when watching movies (just like in the cinemas) and also for your music to me unidirectional.

A separate shelf on where you can store all your music collection. It is also a good thing to segregate your collection by genre, date released or by the kind of player to be used (CD player, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, Vintage turntable, Vinyl player or cassette player).
You can also bring in a refrigerator to where you can keep all your beverages cool and ready at any time.

A dedicated cabinet to store chips and other foodstuff you might need when the family gathers there to watch movies.

Your choice of musical instrument, like a guitar, drum set, your keyboard piano, violin or any wind instrument such as the saxophone or trombone.

Since your audiophile man cave is soundproof, you can also use it as a study room. You can place a bookshelf inside with all your favorite books or office paperwork.

Also, since it doubles as a home theater for the family during movie nights, you yourself can play your favorite video games on your man cave too. Just simply hook up the console to your TV and you can turn your Audiophile man cave into a personal video game room too.
Those are pretty much all the things that you can place inside your man cave.

Also, you need to keep in mind some essential things like:

The distances between the speakers and the side walls must be the same. I mean, there is really no negotiation on this fact. Sound is an electromechanical energy form and it travels in a constant speed, so we need to have predictability when we have those reflections coming at us in the listening position.

Another thing that’s critical is sound takes on the characteristics of the surface it strikes, so always keep that in mind when choosing the right furniture with the best surfaces.

And lastly, distances equal on both left and right channels is a must, and also no cavities in the room should be present when the volume is high. Because a cavity depending on what its dimension is, can also become another speaker. If there is any possible cavities in the room, you need to cover them. (much better if all your cabinet and shelves inside have a cover that you can freely open or slide if you need to get something inside it).

Alright, all the essential thing s are now inside the room, let’s do the final task at hand.

Can I Now Decorate My Man Cave?

Yes, Yes you can.

This is now the best moment to add your own style signature on your man cave. you can add:

“Man cave” wall décor such as band or Singer posters of your liking. Especially if you have the vintage ones.

You can also use Album covers of vinyl tracks to have that oldies theme for your man cave.

Other “man cave” wall art such as old, non-working vinyl records with a nice center art can also be used to decorate your walls.

Other memorabilia that you have that can be used as a wall décor. For more interesting ideas visit Man Cave Ideas.

So there you go, Every man totally needs a space just for himself, where he can freely expresses himself, do the things he pleases, and enjoy his craft without the prejudice of others.

Now that you have finished your man cave, you have now a great place to disconnect from the outside world and to loosen up while listening to good music.

This man cave of yours can double as a family theater where you, together with your wife and kids can enjoy high quality movies with cinema-like sound quality.

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