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June 22, 2018

The Fashion - Conscious Dude

Man Cave..What’s that, you ask? Just think about the infamous Bat cave that Batman use. Man Caves are similar to it but in a smaller scale. (Unless you’re Bruce Wayne, who have a lot of money to blow.)

Man cave is a concept near and dear to most men’s hearts, a room designed for personal hobbies and leisure activities, a room that inspires creativity and relaxation, a sanctuary away from the everyday minutiae of life, a personal world inside the four walls.

This space should have everything that makes the owner feel alive and relaxed.

So, who wouldn’t want that? (I’m sure every guy has a dream of having one)

Anywhere from the smallest secret room housing favorite paraphernalia to the largest hidden basement storing a collection of cars, the possibilities for designing your man cave is endless and limitless. For more ideas visit Man Cave Design.

And because you’re into fashion, then here we’re going to give you tips and ideas on how you could design and arrange your man cave fashionably. So, read on.

Your Cave, Your Style

(Deciding where to place your man cave)

For starters, of course having a space or place is the most important when you decide on having a man cave. If you don’t have a place, how could you have your own man cave? Right? So, find that perfect place or spot in your house which can be converted to be your very own man cave.

Be it a spare room, the garage, your basement, or even up in the forgotten attic can be a cool one too. As long as that place is available, everything will be A-Okay!

If you already decided where you will be nesting your man cave, then start by clearing up the space.

Every single thing that you might not use inside, clear them up.

Next is, choosing the best paint color for your man cave. It is the first step to creating an awesome private space.

Try to use simple colors with a palette of just two to three colors. These colors will keep the focus on the main function of your man cave.

Darker painted walls immediately bring a cozy, manly cave-like feeling to a room that is hard to get any other way but if you don’t want dark walls, stay neutral and or add a dark accent wall or dark furniture.

Man Cave wallpapers and Man Cave Wall arts are also included in your choices. After you’re finish with the walls, the next will be the floor. Visit CUSTOMIZING A MAN’S CAVE for more details.

It is a highly important element in your space which is always easily forgotten. So, your flooring is also important. You might want to paint it with darker hues, or if it is already tiled, try putting a fashionable carpet on it for a more chic vibe.

Exquisite Lights, for a Fashionable Cave

(Choosing the perfect lightings for your Man Cave)

Your man cave may be one of the newest rooms in your home, but it should not be overlooked when it comes to lighting design.

It is often a multi-purpose entertainment space that requires diversified kinds of lighting. Carefully assessing what this room will be used for can help you to choose the most suitable kinds of lighting, allowing you to get the most enjoyment out of your man cave.

No man cave is complete without a cool themed lamp. No matter what your passion, a thematically appropriate lamp exists out there, and because you’re one of those fashionable guys, then you should definitely have the fashionable ones too..right?

There are a lot of different types of lights in store for you, and you know what? You can use a lot of them.

One for the entertainment section of the room, The next is for the bathroom, One for your bedside and also one for the mini bar or the game area

Dimmer switches are also ideal for the lighting around televisions or entertainment stations. This allows you to turn down the lights and set the mood for a movie, while giving you the option of brighter lights when watching football or playing video games.

Maybe your idea of relaxing is hanging around a bar with your pals.

Bars also benefit from overhead light, but with different kind of course.

While recessed or track lighting still works well for bars, you can use liquor light just to be stylish.

Try using interesting colored and shaped bottles, in order to create a unique and unusual light effect.

Fantabulous Furniture

(Choosing the best furniture for your Man Cave)

Anywhere you want to sit or lounge and contemplate the world, your man cave needs a serious seating.

You should shop for man cave furniture, it can be recliners, a sofa, or a couple of leather couches. Man Cave Furniture pieces will be your throne, so pick superior quality that won’t compromise your comfort like the ones at:

Because the male figure is the prime inhabitant of the man cave, it stands to reason that he is the one making the bulk of, if not all, the design decisions for the space. It’s not uncommon for man caves to contain plenty of darker colors – black, browns, grays, and blues – to make it truly a cozy, albeit masculine, space.

Making a deliberate decision on the materials used in your man cave can add an identifying element to you too. The materials used in the furniture will also make a great difference in choosing for your man cave.

Leather made furniture brings out a classy and elegant vibe and is stain and water resistant, but can also be too hot to deal with if your man cave is not air-conditioned.

Leather made furniture is the best option you could get for your man cave. Choose the comfiest sofa that you could get, preferably those black leather ones along with a couple of tables. You can get ideas from the sample picture above. If you are fond of reading books, you can put a bookshelf at the side and a beautifully styled lamp beside the couch.

While Fabric can provide real comfort with or without air-conditioning, still it is prone to unexpected stains and will give you a hustle cleaning experience.

That Flat Screen HD TV is my Best friend

(Setting up your man cave theater display)

When it comes to man cave essentials, the need of having a flat screen TV is really big. And the fact is, no man cave is complete without a flat screen TV. But even more important than the size is the setup.

You must decide if you want a swivel mount or a flat mount.

Do you want a flat screen TV or a curved TV?

Are you thinking of investing in a smart TV?

Once you have made the major decisions, figure out the best way to blend your new baby into the decor that you already have.

Keep the aesthetic manly but mature. Your flat screen should also go with the right sound system. Though televisions have gotten louder nowadays, often times we find that their sound has gotten weaker and less “bassy” sound. So what can you do to get the ultimate man cave sound? Of course, invest in the right equipment.

A soundbar will provide you with even better sound quality, a sleek aesthetic, and convenience. Not only is the cost of a soundbar usually pretty reasonable, mostly it comes with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

This means you can play music or watch television audio without getting up from your couch! Do not let visible wiring from TV, Xbox, detract from the overall design.

Plan a placement so cables can become more discreet in corners or hidden behind furniture. Use cable covers or consider securing a power strip to the back of furniture to keep the strip out of view.

If wires cannot be concealed, group them together with zip-ties, or hook-and-loop straps to contain them into one unit. Aside from the air conditioner or heaters, and some symmetrical displays, your man cave theater setting is already good to go.

Drink Happy Thoughts

(Preparing a Mini bar for your Man Cave)

Your Parents, or even your wife or girlfriend (Well.. if you have one) will be glad to know that you will have your own mini bar in your man cave. They wouldn’t worry much about you getting drunk on clubs and bars at the middle of the night.

Having a mini bar inside your man cave will not only be convenient just for you, but also for the people with you at home or your friends.

Start by investing to some man cave bar shelves. These are a great idea for a small nook style man cave bars and also a great place to display cups, alcohol or a custom man cave sign.

Stocking liquors wouldn’t be problems because they can be stock for a long time just store it in a cool place and away from direct sunlight.

Don’t forget your man cave bar stools. They are a very important part of any man cave.

These bar stools can get quite pricey, but are totally worth the investment if hanging out by the bar and enjoying drinks with your friends are high on your priority list.

A built in wine cooler or a small fridge is an easy upgrade to almost any cabinet within your mini bar. These things can be easily found online or at your local home good store like home depot.

This will complete and make your man cave mini bar a hit. Invest to different kinds of glassware (Such as wine glass, flute glass, cocktail glass, and many more.)

These glassware will give your mini bar a two thumbs up. A flat screen TV will be a cool additional to your mini bar too. This is a great focal point for any bar and will bring lot of enjoyment.

If you don’t have anything on TV, simply switch over to a music channel or and an apple TV box for loads of content on demand. For more ideas in designing your own mini bar, you can check also Big Bar for Big Boys.

Brilliantly Decorated Bathroom

(Arranging your bathroom according to your man cave theme.)

In between binge watching movies, playing video games and immersing yourself in reading your favorite books.

You will have to take a break some time and drain your bladder in a bathroom. (Of course where else could you do it?) Well, that or wear an adult diaper and you’re way too young to go that route.

Why settle for an average bathroom connected to your awesome man cave

Instead, go for the glory. Go for the manliest of bathrooms and design one that is creative, attractive, and functional.

Go for a simple yet elegant looking design. (See sample picture above.) You can choose earth tone colors and a cream or beige colored paint for the wall and dark colored tiles for the flooring. (It could be matte, gloss, or mosaic).

Use dim lights for the shower part and toilet, and choose the brighter ones in the sink and mirror. Accessorize it with a vanity mirror with lights on the sides.(Ladies aren’t the only ones looking at themselves. Yes, guys want to look good too.)

The monochrome theme oozes masculinity. If you enjoy listening to music while you are having a shower or just plain sitting in your throne and scrolling to your phone, you can install a waterproof wireless speaker.

After all, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few tunes while you’re in the shower in the early morning. Certain factors may vary in every man cave. It is also important to customize the design of your man cave according to your personal point of view and needs. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money to build a valuable man cave; just be practical and reasonable from the planning stage down to your finishing touches. After all, everyone deserves a space to take reprieve from the demands of the day, an environment to create as their own. Start your very own man cave and have fun!

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