The Weekend Soldier's Barracks

July 2, 2018

The Weekend Soldier's Barracks

The Air-soft Enthusiast’s Barracks

Since the inception of the idea of war, man have always dreamed of becoming the strongest warrior that will roam in every battlefield.

Men from various period in history have trained, studied, and engaged war for so many reasons, either for territory, political turmoil, resources, religion, and ultimately for glory.

Even today it is evident on most of our video games and even board games (such as Chess and Games of the General. This might be a boring game for you but this board game is based on warfare).

And of course, there is no doubt that every guy out there have dreamed of becoming one at some point in their life.

So to quench this thirst for battle and glory, most normal guys out there will just simply play warfare - themed video games, others will just quietly sit down in the couch and watch some war movies in their own living room or on their PC.

But how about the guys who really wants to experience it firsthand and to feel the real chaos of the battlefield? More information at Man Cave Sports.

This is the Ultimate Form of Simulated War Games: The Air-soft Battle.

Airsoft is a competitive team sport in which participants eliminate opponents by shooting each other with spherical plastic pellets launched via replica weapons called airsoft guns.

Players would dress themselves with highly detailed military gear (although replica) and use airsoft guns (1 is to 1 replicas, which means that the really look and feel like real guns, but only powered by a battery or compressed gas) and but often play a range of game scenarios, from short-term skirmishes, organized scenarios, close quarters battle, field, military simulations (MilSim) or historical reenactments played in either indoor courses and outdoor fields.

And for any airsoft player out there, having their own dedicated “man cave” or headquarters is one of their greatest dreams.

A place where they can display all their airsoft guns and gears, keep them away when not in use, a place where they can do repairs and basic gun maintenance, and ultimately a common place where he and his battlefield buddies can hang around and discuss all things related to their hobby (like planning for the next game’s scenario, discussing new advancements on airsoft technology and of course to share knowledge with each other).

If you are an airsoft player just like me, I know how it feels to run out space on where you can place all your precious gears and airsoft guns.

You don’t want it lying around the house unattended (of course, you don’t want other people who doesn’t know how to handle gun mess with them, right?).

The best solution for that is for you to have your very own man cave, and I know just the right how to make one…

So keep your eyes peeled soldier, for your next mission is to create your very own airsoft headquarters!

Setting Up Your Base Of Operations

Choosing the right location is crucial in making your own airsoft man cave.

You don’t want any disturbance from the outside and for other people (who doesn’t understand your passion) to judge you and your chosen hobby.

You can have a few options for this:

Your Very Own Room

Probably the first location that you will think off.

It is actually a good place to simply store your airsoft guns and gears, but if you are planning to display them, then you might have an issue when it comes to your bedroom’s space (and also your wife or girlfriend will be displeased if they found out that you will be using your private room for a display gallery).

And also, you don’t want to have other people to hang out on the room shared by you and your wife or girlfriend (if you are single, then it is okay, as long as you are the only one using the room.

Your Garage

Wide and roomy, complete with all the tools at an arm’s reach, and no issue with the shelving (unless it is already full).

The only downside is that if you have a car, well, you will be sharing the space with it when it is parked inside, so do you have enough space left?

And also, when your garage is open, all your things will be visible from the driveway outside, so do you intentionally want this? (like showing your stuff to anyone who happens to walk by)

Or are you the kind of person who is secretive about it for some reason and only want you, your family, and your airsoft buddies to know that your man cave/barracks exist?

Your Basement

A popular choice of most airsoft players on where to build their airsoft man cave/barracks.

It’s advantage is that this is the place where most people of your house hardly visit (so this will ensure your top secret strategies and tactics for your next weekend airsoft game).

It is also nice if all the walls are made of concrete so that you can have that feel like you’re in a fallout shelter or a bunker (which really adds to the ambience).

The downside is that there is poor air circulation inside (due to the lack of walls) and also there are lot of things in there that you need to move out or clear out, plus tons of cleaning is required.

Once you have chosen your desired location, now is the time for planning the needed cost for y our project. Visit Man Cave Equipment for creative ideas in making your desired man cave.

OPLAN Mastermind

You might be wondering why I named this section “OPLAN (Operation Plan) Mastermind”, well, there are two reasons for that:

First one, because you will be thoroughly planning the next steps that you will be taking from here on.

Including the cost of the materials to be used, your angle of approach (I mean how will you systematically tackle every problem during your build), and of course having a clear image of your finished build on your mind.

Second is that because it sounds freaking cool right? RIGHT?

After carefully planning your ideal man cave, you need to put it into action of course, and to start; that is to renovate first your chosen room. Let’s say that you have chosen the basement, now here are the things that you need to do to prepare it.

Operation Clean Sweep

Set your cammo, tactical vest aside and also your weapons too aside, and wear your fully modular plain shirt, shorts or jeans plus your tactical apron.

Don’t forget to gear up your combat broom and let’s start your field day soldier!

You need to follow these steps in order:

Clear out first the thing that might get in the way (pretty much everything there of course) and place them somewhere else or them aside. Ask a friend to assist you in moving heavier objects to ease up you.
Check all the sockets, electrical outlets and wirings if they are functioning or not. Do some essential repairs if needed.

Before sweeping the floor, check first the status of the walls.

If the paint is ripping off in some areas, then proceed with chipping all of it including the paint on the ceiling and prepare it for repainting. If not, simply scrub the walls with water and detergent, paint over the existing paint if necessary.
After cleaning and repainting the walls, it’ time to give attention to the floor. Sweep the floor free of dust and debris, and mop it down with a damp or wet mop to remove the pesky dust that sticks to the floor. Afterwards let it dry.

Decide if where you need to repaint the floor using industrial floor paint or not. Do not apply paint on tiled floor (I know you already know that but just to be safe, I’ll include it here).

And ohh yeah, don’t forget to put new light bulbs too, and check every electrical outlet and switches if they work.

If you want to install an air conditioner then it is totally up to you, or just place a couple of wall fans and an exhaust fan instead.

After all the cleaning and repainting, take time first too look around and bask in the greatness of your creation. After that, let the tiring tasks roll in again and let’s go ahead and bring in the furniture and other big things.

Setting up the Amenities

Review your plan first before bringing in the “man cave” furniture and plan ahead on where you need to place them is very crucial to avoid any errors when it comes to their placement.

Bring in the cabinets and the work table in first and place them on your desired spot. Make necessary adjustments if needed.
After that, bring in the other “man cave” furniture such as your “man cave” recliner and “man cave” theater seating. Also place in your office chair and stools under the work table so that you have room to move around completing your build. (you can have all these at If you would like to add a refrigerator to store your drinks like beers or sodas then it is totally up to you.

Aside from placing your cabinets, leave at least one side of your man cave and install metal a large pegboard and a couple of hook. This will serve as your gun display wall. Aside from that, you can also hang there your spare magazines, tools, and other gears such as your gloves, mask, bb bags, helmets, and other stuff there too.
A coffee table just in front on the theater seating where you can place your drinks, newspapers, and your foot in case you are watching TV. It can also serve as a disassembly and assembly table for your airsoft guns or a preparation table for your gear before going for a game.

You can also place a TV on your man cave so that you won’t miss all your favorite shows while working on your airsoft guns or doing maintenance on your gears.

After all of those things placed in their ideal location, it’s time to bring in your guns and gears to their intended locations.

Now there you have it, the only thing you need to do now is to decorate your own man cave according to your taste.

Time to Let Them Know that You Mean Business

I know, I know, that you still have an airsoft game with your friends this coming and you need to fix your gears as soon as possible.

Don’t worry because this is the last thing that you need to do to complete your very own man cave.

I mean your precious airsoft guns and gears displayed along the pegboards on the walls are more than enough for a decoration but sometime you need to add a little bit more to complete the ambience, like:

Gun manufacturer or airsoft manufacturer poster of all sizes, this will add an added a genuine atmosphere that whoever owns this airsoft man cave/barracks I is no airsoft newbie.
Other “man cave” wall decors such as action figures, war game posters, your very own pictures during your airsoft games placed on a wall frame, and so on.
You can also add other “man cave” wall art such as your team’s banner, to tell others that this place is exclusively for you and your team’s use only.
Other non-airsoft related wall decors that you yourself want to add to your man cave.

Alright! now you have a safe haven where you and your friends can discuss airsoft and other things, hang out, do your drinking session and after party after a winning a few games of airsoft, and will also serve as your very own airsoft armory and workshop as well.

Just like all other guys out there who proudly owns their respective man cave, you also need to take care of it by regularly cleaning your man cave and disinfecting it (just in case), so that you can assure that your man cave is always a pleasing place to stay in.

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